Zonemel Portable and Foldable Steam Sauna Pop Up Tent Review

Zonemel Portable Steam Sauna Pop Up Tent

ZONEMEL Portable Light Foldable Steam Sauna Spa

Zonemel Pop Up Tent, Portable and Foldable Steam Sauna is a very new release personal therapeutic spa that is designed for weight loss, slimming, whole body detox and relaxation purposes.  This pop up tent works with a steam generator and you need to purchase it separately if you don’t have one already.

There aren’t enough number of reviews or ratings to evaluate the customer satisfaction score but appears to be a popular option among the portable saunas at It is a compact and portable product that can be moved around easily and fit anywhere you want. It doesn’t need you to do any assembly work and you can just pop it up and fold it down in just a few seconds. This steam sauna spa works with a steam generator and you need to purchase it separately if you don’t have one already.

You can use it any time you want and in the comfort of your own home. This pop up tent can also be used for other purposes, like privacy tent indoors and outdoors, to change your clothes (changing room), to store and hide your belongings, to take a shower (shower tent), as a fishing shelter etc. The bright pink steam spa tent weighs 10.3 pounds and measures 83.5 x 44.9 x 44.1 inches as expanded, when you assemble it. So it is quite big when set up and two people can comfortably use it at the same time. There aren’t any instructions for the assembly but it is just too easy to do.

It has the double-headed zipper to gain access easily. You can see the outside through the small transparent window at the front. It can just be opened when you want to get some fresh air or when it doesn’t feel comfy. The Zonemel Pop Up Tent is made of the good quality ZONEMEL Portable Light Foldable Steam Sauna PVC material that is both waterproof and that helps prevent steam penetration. You can be inside for a while and feel just fine as there isn’t a funny feel or any strange odors. And it is quite easy to wipe clean.

You can use this tent with a steamer as a great addition to your exercise program to help you burn more calories, reduce stress, fatigue or any tension in your body and to feel relaxed and better. It will also make your skin glow and make you look younger too. There is a nice attachment with the angled nozzle for when you get the steamer machine and it will not bother you. The company has a storage space in the Amazon warehouse, as well as in their US and Chinese warehouses. So the steam sauna pop-up tent can be sent to your address from China or America.

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