Zeyacaif Mechanical Mini Non-Electric Treadmill with 330lb. Capacity Review

Zeyacaif Mechanical Mini Non-Electric Treadmill

Zeyacaif Foldable Mechanical Treadmill Two Wheel

Zeyacaif Mechanical Treadmill is a foldable compact non-electric walking machine with two wheels for walking or jogging at home or in the office. It has a robust and durable frame with a maximum total user weight capacity of 330 pounds. With its pink color it is designed more with the women in mind.

Zeyacaif Manual Treadmill first became available on January 25, 2021 and there aren’t any customer reviews so far. The way this and other similar mechanical treadmills work is your footsteps’ inertia drive the flywheel. And the faster you walk or jog the faster the tread belt moves and you’re in total control of your speed. You can increase and decrease it the way you want throughout your workout session.

Because you don’t need to plug it into a power outlet you have more flexibility of where you want to put it in your house or office. It works smoothly and quietly with the good quality components, weight inertia double flywheel and tread belt with the multiple layers that offer great support for your feet. The thick materials on this tread belt will not make you feel like you’re doing empty steps. Because it doesn’t work on electric power but the inertia of your legs and footsteps, it is an environmentally friendly fitness product that will also save you on energy bills.

Zeyacaif Foldable Mechanical Treadmill

Zeyacaif Mechanical Treadmill has a conveniently foldable design and can be moved on the small castor wheels easily to be stored in a convenient location. It has a small footprint and will not take up a lot of space in your room or wherever you put it. There is a small LCD display with the usual standard fitness data of distance traveled, calories burned, time exercised and current speed. There are no handle sensors or heart rate reading on the display and this is not a common feature on manual, mechanical treadmill anyway.

It is a multifunctional treadmill with the two resistance bands and ankle holders for your ab workouts where you can do your sit ups. It has the two large suction cups at the front to keep it stable during your session and the armrests are adjustable. The weight inertia based double flywheel on this treadmill has the protective cover, rear cover and the unit itself is upgraded for safety. It is available in and shipped from a warehouse quickly in the US. Normally you can expect a delivery time of a week and up to 10 days. And you can have a peace of mind with your purchase as you can get help from the seller’s support and they will get back to you within 24 hours and also Amazon customer service team in case of any problems.

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