Yosoo Body Shaper Far Infrared Sauna Blanket Review

Yosoo Body Shaper Far Infrared Sauna Blanket Review

Yosoo Body Shaper Far Infrared Sauna Blanket Detox

Yosoo Body Shaper Far Infrared Sauna Blanket is a recent hot new release product for weight loss, detox, relaxation and anti aging purposes. It is offered in a nice burgundy color. You can use it at home, spas, beauty salons and leisure chambers.

Younger and older people with different sizes can use it comfortably thanks to its large and long cover design. It is designed to increase your metabolism, burn calories and fat efficiently, enhance the blood circulation throughout your body, get rid of the toxins, tighten your skin by also keeping the PH balance and removing the moisture in your body.

It comes with the built-in security features and will turn off automatically- stop working in just 0.01 seconds incase of any leakage or low or high voltage. In case the temperature goes above 85 degrees Celsius it will get disconnected and stop heating. In case of any abnormal circumstances the sauna blanket will stop automatically and the small display on the instrument showing ‘–‘ along with an alarm sound.

This modern Body Shaper Sauna Blanket offers precise temperature control and adjustment with faster heating than normal. Better and faster heat release is ensured by the 20μm infrared rays. But the electricity consumption is less than the other sauna blankets. The time can be adjusted between 10 and 50 minutes. You have the time and temperature settings on the remote control, as well as the convenient memory function that will remember your previous settings.

It is robust, durable and odorless with the good quality inner materials used: 25% tomalin, 15% tourmaline, 25% mefanite, 30% germanium and 5% other materials. It weighs 15.43 pounds and measures 70.9 x 31.5 inches (180 x 80cm) and the wider and longer design makes it suitable for bigger and smaller size Yosoo Body Shaper Far Infrared Sauna Blanketpeople. The color can be a little different in reality to what you see on the Amazon website because of your monitor brightness setting. The soft interior material is waterproof and has the flex tensile capabilities in different sleeping positions.

In the box you’ll find the sauna blanket, a remote control, the main machine, a plug, a fuse wire and a user manual. The sauna blanket has a 110V of voltage and can be used with a US plug. The remote controller works with a CR2025 battery. You need to smooth out this sauna blanket during the heating to prevent it from sticking together. It is important that you do not fold it till it cools down completely. You also shouldn’t keep it on for too long or at too high temperatures (not above 70 degrees). You need to wipe clean it after each use- just twist the wet parts and dry it. You can return it within 30 days of your purchase with probably a restocking fee.

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