YeYeBest Under Desk Portable Mini Bike with 16 Resistance Levels Review

YeYeBest Under Desk Portable Mini Bike with 16 Resistance Levels

YeYeBest Under Desk Bike

YeYeBest Under Desk Bike is a portable mini exercise equipment, a leg and arm exerciser with 16 levels of magnetic and friction resistance, belt drive, heavy metal flywheel, LCD-backlit display for use by adults and seniors as a form of physical therapy.

The average user rating is 5 out of 5 stars by 3 customers at the moment for this hot new release mini bike that was first available on December 29, 2021. It uses premium magnetic resistance for a smooth and quiet riding experience and will not disturb you or the people around you. You can just watch videos, listen to music, read a book, check your emails etc. while pedalling this mini bike. With the two elastic resistance bands you can train your whole body and it can help with your body’s coordination and flexibility. 

You can put it under your desk at home or in the office and exercise all day long when you’re doing your work. And if you put it on the desk or table you can train your arms and it can help stimulate and enhance your blood circulation. It is compact and portable to be carried in the house to work out in different places or being stored in a convenient spot. You can move it around easily by holding the carry handle. It is safer and more stable with the heavy metal flywheel rather than the plastic flywheels that you’ll find on some other models. 

There is a tension knob that lets you adjust the resistance easily and at the lower resistance levels it can help with the joint, knee, ankle or leg recovery. So it is suitable for use by also the senior adults or those recovering from sports injuries as part of their physical therapy for relieving pain, restoring and maintaining the movements. And ifYeYeBest Under Desk Bike Parts you want strengthen and tone muscles you can adjust the resistance to higher levels. It is good to have (more than) double the resistance range of other similar units with up to 8 levels.

The resistance levels of 1 to 4 are for warming up or cooling down, 5 to 8 for rehab and light cardio, 9 to 12 for endurance training and 13 to 16 are for toning muscles. The anti-slip rubber pads underneath will keep this mini bike in place even when you’re riding it at the higher levels and will help protect your wooden floors from getting scratched. The pedals have the raised textured anti-slip surfaces for making you feel safe and they have the adjustable foot straps for accommodating users with different sized feet. 

The easy to read LCD-backlit multi-function display shows the distance traveled, calories burned, time exercised and RPM. The data can be reset as you press down the black button just below the display. And you can keep track of your workout progress to achieve your fitness targets easily. The package weighs 23.1 pounds and measures 23.1 x 14.5 x 9.1 inches. It is usually shipped swiftly via and could also make a nice gift to friends or family. The fitness products of the company are inspected properly before going out on the market and they offer good customer support with any issues or problems you may have. 

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