YESJOY Ab Machine Home Equipment for Core Workout Review

YESJOY Ab Machine Home Equipment

YESJOY Home Exercise Equipment

YESJOY Ab Machine is a home fitness training equipment with a curve track design and heavy-duty construction that is specifically designed for your abdominal workouts and core conditioning. It has a decent average user rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars by 21 customers on the day of this short product review. 

It is compact and portable, measuring 34.5 x 15.7 x 35.5 inches and you can store is easily anywhere in your apartment. With its good quality, solid alloy steel frame, foam covered handgrips and thickened knee pads it can carry a maximum total weight of around 350 pounds. And you can feel safe and stable during your workout sessions with its anti-slip tubes. There is a small smart LCD display with a single button that shows your workout time, count, calories burned and workout reps in real time to help you keep track of your training data and progress. 

YESJOY Ab Machine is suitable for use by different people at different levels from beginner to advanced and different ages and will help them get tighter glutes and firmer abs over a fairly short period of time. It will help you burn calories efficiently and is actually designed for a great total body workout. You are recommended to use it half an hour each day and follow a healthy eating plan for getting in shape quickly. You may want to start slowly with less repetitions and move up gradually depending on what you can handle at the time.

YESJOY Home Fitness Equipment

It gives you a hell of a workout at a level that you may not expect from such a compact machine with a simple design. You’ll feel it on your thighs, arms and core section pretty much straight away. There are two locking pins for adjusting the height and two bolts for securing the upper hand that mounts to the frame. And you just have the plastic end caps and the foam pieces that slide on. You can take out the locking pins for a more compact size for easy storage.

The solid metal plate between the four foam pads does not have a foam cap which could have made it more comfortable to sit on or during certain exercises. But overall it is a comfortable machine that you can use without hurting your arms or knees and feels quite stable and will not slide, tip or rock. It works for both shorter and taller people, due to its convenient design. The LCD monitor works on a single AA battery and will be fine with a rechargeable battery too. It is shipped quickly via from a warehouse within the US and is easy to assemble within 5-10 minutes with the clear instructions and the simple tools included in the package. March 26, 2022 is the date this ab machine was first available and is ranked the 50th among the Exercise Roller Wheels. 

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