WSSW Folding Mechanical / Manual Treadmill with Incline, WSF-08R5 Review 

WSSW Folding Mechanical / Manual Treadmill

WSF-08R5 Health & Fitness Folding Treadmill

WSSW (WSF-08R5) by Huijiaweiye is a manual walking and light jogging treadmill with incline and shock absorbing tread belt that measures 41 x 15 inches and a maximum measured power of 1HP. The speed you can walk or jog on it can be adjusted between 0.5mph and 4mph.

This mechanical treadmill has a robust and durable construction with a steel frame and solid ABS plastic parts and can certainly withstand walking and light jogging. It can carry a total of 330 pounds of maximum user weight and has the measurements of 48L x 23.6W x 50.8H inches. So it is a compact and lightweight treadmill that you can use in small spaces. You do not need to do any assembly work on this treadmill and you can use it almost straight out of the box after just rotating 4 screws.

It comes with an LCD-backlit monitor that displays the calories burned, time exercised, current speed and scan and lets you design workouts that are specific to the goals you wish to achieve. You may feel safe and stable on its anti-slip tread belt surface with a high total max user weight capacity of 330 pounds. You can walk or jog in two directions, meaning you can also walk backwards to burn up more calories in the same amount of time and target different lower and upper body muscles with a different body posture. You need to raise your head, lift your chest and core section as well as the fat on your abs. It is a new weight loss method that was used in an army medical center in Texas. The incline can be adjusted to three grades / angles for different levels of intensity.

WSSW WSF-08R5 Folding Manual Treadmill

I personally find the manual treadmill to be more fun to use at my gym and more effective in calorie burning. You use the power of your own legs and you’re more in control of your workout as you speed up and down easily. The reported cardiovascular benefits include stronger muscles, enhanced balance and coordination, higher bone density, enhanced blood circulation and improved mood, other than the typical calorie and fat burning. You can fold this treadmill easily and quickly to save on space and roll it effortlessly on the transport wheels.

The patented rubber shock absorption design with decent cushioning of different layers will help protect your knees, ankles, hips and lower back from any potential injuries. You can easily adjust the height of the armrests to 15 levels, making it suitable for people of different ages and heights. The height is adjustable between 44.88-50.78 inches. Different members of your family can use it comfortably. By using a manual, non-electric treadmill you will be saving on your energy bills and you shall have the flexibility of placing it wherever you want without needing to be near a power outlet.  It has a cast steel resistance wheel and a high-precision running belt and you’ll find the manual treadmill, an English user manual and an English LCD monitor in the box. It first appeared at on January 27, 2021 and has a good sales performance at at the moment.

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