Wodesid Portable Personal Steam Sauna with 3L 1000W Steam Generator Review

Wodesid Portable Personal Steam Sauna with 3L 1000W Steam Generator

Wodesid Portable Sauna

Wodesid Portable Sauna is an indoor personal steam sauna tent with a 3 liter capacity 1000-watt power steam generator and a remote control for indoor home use for calories and fat burning, weight loss, detoxification and relaxation purposes.

It is a very new release product with a single 5-star rating at the moment. You can easily set the time and power/temperature by using the remote control provided or the buttons on the 3L steamer. You can adjust the time between 10 and 60 minutes and the temperature to 9 different levels for a great relaxing experience. It is made of satin and polyester fiber and a cotton jacket with a waterproof layer that stops steam penetration. There are two zipper openings for your hands when you want to play with your phone, watch videos, read a book etc. during your steam sauna session.

It is an easily and quickly foldable steam sauna tent that you can start using in ten minutes after removing from its tote bag in a few seconds. It has a one-piece design and you won’t need to set up anything and offers good amount of interior space. With the 1000-watt power heating element it preheats very quickly and you can start enjoying a great steam bath session just like at the steam room in your gym. It has the multiple layers for a proper seal of heat and steam, including the polymer splash-proof cloth, silk thermal insulation layer, special effect thermal insulation layer and the silver coated waterproof layer. There won’t be any heat, steam or water leaking outside.

You have the power switch, temp adjustment button and time adjustment button on the remote control. The 3L 1000-watt power (110V) steam generator has the 304 stainless steel liner and you’ll get a Chinese medicine fumigation medicine box. You can fold it easily to carry it easily as it weighs just 3.99 pounds and store in a convenient location. The reported benefits of a steam sauna session include weight loss, enhanced blood Wodesid Portable Steam Sauna Tent 3L 1000Wcirculation, skin toning, reduced stress, better energy levels overall, better sleep quality, relieved joint pain or stiffness, restful sleep at night, physical and mental relaxation. To have a better enjoyable sauna experience you may want to use some essential oils as well.

You can disassemble and wipe clean it easily after each use. It has the strong steel wire support and feels stable when set up and measures 33.85 x 33.85 x 27.55 inches with an 11.81″ head section. There is a 10.23″ large pocket at the front where you can put your smartphone, remote control or other small items. For safety it has the microcomputer auto humidity control and the steamer is explosion proof with leaking and anti-interference function. In the package you’ll find the foldable sauna tent, steamer, a remote control and a Chinese medicine herbal box. It is better if you don’t put it directly on the hardwood floor as it may leave a bit of moisture around because of the steam pot connection. You will sweat heaps in this steam sauna and even if you don’t lose weight straight away it will be quite a relaxing experience.

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