WINNINGO Electric Under Desk Treadmill Review

WINNINGO Electric Under Desk Treadmill

Winningo Electric Under Desk Treadmill

WINNINGO Electric Under Desk Treadmill is an aerobic/Cardio fitness unit with 450-watt power for walking and jogging when you’re working at your desk in your home office. It has an average rating of 5 out of 5 stars by a single user at so far, as a very recent release cardiovascular treadmill.

You have two color options to choose from, red/black and silver/black with the same price tag at the time of this review. It comes with a remote control that lets you adjust the speed between 0.6 and 3.7 miles per hour according to what you can handle with your physical condition or how you’re feeling at the time. Or alternatively you have the front large LED-backlit control panel with the accurate readings for calories burned, time exercised, distance traveled, number of steps and current speed.

Winningo Electric Under Desk Treadmill is lightweight and compact and measures 55.5 x 23 x 4.5 inches. This slow walking and jogging machine has a heavy duty construction with a steel frame that can carry a total user weight of 220 pounds. It has a widened platform with a deck that measures 43 x 16.5 inches for adequate space for different people to exercise comfortably. You can put it up against a wall once you’re done with your workout and it will take up only 0.06m2 of space vertically. You can also fit it under the bed or sofa or in the closet by moving it on its two transportation wheels.

Winningo Electric Under Desk Treadmill 450W

The first question that may pop into one’s mind when you look at this treadmill is whether it would be safe without the armrests or handles. And yes it is pretty safe with the ability to change the speed or use the emergency shutdown button on the remote control. The potential noise and vibrations due to your movements on the belt are reduced by its shock-proof design with the rubber struts and the foot pad.

You may hear a bit of noise when your feet are in contact with the tread belt, but it is not really enough to distract you from whatever you’re doing. We are more than happy to recommend this under desk treadmill or at least having a look, if you want to burn calories and fat and get in shape when you’re working at your desk all day long. You will feel better both physically and mentally and you won’t need to dedicate any extra time for exercising at the gym or outdoors, if you’re especially busy with your work and other commitments. No assembly is needed when you get it delivered to your address and you can start using it pretty quickly.

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