Weeloloe Body Vibration Machine Platform Review

Weeloloe Body Vibration Machine Plate

WEELOLOE Body Vibration Plate

Black and red WEELOLOE Body Vibration Plate is a slim fitness massager with Bluetooth. It has an average customer rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars by 7 users at the time of this product review.

Weelolee Vibration Plate is sleek, very compact and portable with a space saving design and you can take it wherever you want easily. It comes with the two resistance bands to help you work on your upper body and arms.It has a remote controller to let you control the speed between 1 and 99 levels. You can customize the modes of exercise easily.

Weeloloe Vibration Platform weighs 19.8 pounds, has a maximum total user weight capacity of 300 pounds and measures 20.4 x 13 x 4.7 inches. With a brand new hundred percent ABS plastic material and purity rubber it is sturdy and durable. The ABS is not toxic, odorless and friendly to the environment. In the box you’ll find the vibration platform, two resistance bands, a remote control, a connect fitness shaker, a power cord and a user manual.

This vibration platform feels very safe and stable on the anti-slip rubber surface and with the suction cups underneath. With an upgraded 500 W powerful motor (110V, 0-10mm amplitude) with the high frequency vibrations and 99 speed levels it is quite challenging. Despite the power it runs quietly without disturbing you or people in the house. It comes with the built-in USB speaker to let you listen to music when you’re working out. You can listen to music or watch videos comfortable when you’re using this vibration platform.

It can be used for whole body relaxation purposes after work at the end of the day and can help improve your sleep quality and efficiency at work. There are 10 automatic operating program modes that will help you with your different needs. It is quite flexible and has the adjustable intensity levels and you can customize your home gym workout. With the high WEELOLOE Body Vibration Platformspeed contractions in your muscles it is designed to help you burn calories, lose weight and fat. You may get even better results if you use it as an addition to your conventional workout program.

Reported benefits of the vibration platforms include weight loss, muscle building, enhanced metabolism and blood circulation, reduced stress, cellulite reduction, better bone and neuromuscular health and better overall health. It will feel great after a long hard day at work. By just dedicating 10-15 minutes a day on this vibration platform you will achieve results. Time and speed control is available on both the smart control panel on the platform and the remote control. It is a good quality and powerful machine with the high frequency vibrations that runs quietly and offers good value for money.

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