Vibrolegs Sitting Under Desk Elliptical Trainer Review

Vibrolegs Sitting Under Desk Elliptical Trainer

Vibrolegs Sitting Under Desk Bike Pedal Elliptical

Vibrolegs Sitting Under Desk Elliptical Trainer by SilverFeat is a bike pedal exercise machine for home or office use, when you’re sitting at your desk and working or watching TV sitting on the couch. It comes with a built-in display control panel at the top where you can choose from one of the 5 resistance levels and 3 programs.

This August 24, 2020 release elliptical cross trainer as an average customer rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars by 6 users at the time of our post release. It is not a particularly cheap compact under desk elliptical, but you’re definitely getting what you pay for, which is a great quality fitness product with a solid construction and a user-friendly and ergonomic design. You can enhance your blood circulation, burn calories and fat efficiently and increase your energy levels when you’re sitting down and attending your other tasks.

When you own this great little elliptical you will not need to dedicate a special time for workout from your busy schedule as you can keep moving when you’re seated. It offers a low impact workout without any strenuous pressure on your joints. It would work well for the senior adults and those that suffer from pain on feet or legs as this compact unit will make them move easily. The smart display shows the distance traveled, current speed, calories burned, and time exercised to help you keep motivated and on track to achieve your results.

It runs very quietly with its silent motor, as it is designed for under desk office use and can also be used anywhere you want, at home or outdoors. You can move it around and take it wherever you go easily as it weighs just 13 pounds and measures 18 x 14 x 10 inches with the 14″ x 6″ pedals and the 17″ x 14″ bottom section. With the bi-directional pedal movement, 5 speeds and 3 Vibrolegs Sitting Under Desk Elliptical Trainerprograms (P1 to P3) you will achieve results faster. It can make your muscles stronger and your body more flexible. You can pedal forward and back to hit slightly different muscles on your lower body.

You can just plug it into a standard power outlet (110V), sit down, step on the large anti-slip pedals and start using it after adjusting your speed and have a fun and safe workout when you’re getting your work done at your desk. Please note that it will not work without being plugged in and the workout data will not show on the control panel. It will move your legs for you at the specified speed as it is not a manual equipment. It comes with an easy to operate remote control with the same functions of the LCD-backlit control panel in the middle. You can only use it in a sitting position, and not standing. It does what it is supposed to do very well and offers good value for the dollar with its robust build, ergonomic design, large anti-slip pedals, multifunctional control panel & remote control and more.

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