Understanding Manifestation and Parallel Realities

Understanding Manifestation and Parallel Realities

You can manifest or create the reality you want to live in much faster and more intentionally- by being in more control if you understand some very simple concepts about manifestation and parallel universes. It is all about the energy and right now, right this moment. It is not the past, not ten minutes ago, not in the future, but right now. It is all happening right in this very moment and is all about your own energy which lifeline you move into. What you will experience next is always determined by the energy you have right now at this moment. And this certainly does not depend much on the external realities.

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It is all about you and what you are seeing on the outside is simply a reflection of your own true self. There are limitless number of parallel realities and from now on you have to accept that you can move into millions or billions of different realities by the way you feel or the choices you make. You can either travel to the experience of amazingly beautiful alternative paths or alternative parallel realities. Or by choosing to be in the lower levels of energy you can actually move into the much worse situations than you actually are right this moment.

All of these infinite number of parallel realities have different versions of you and they are slightly different from each other and vibrate at different frequencies. In different realities you have different energies and circumstances. If you are in a nicer or more positive experience you are probably manifesting much faster and with very little effort. And things may be going all wrong in another reality, attracting bad or negative people or circumstances to yourself constantly and even moving into lower vibrations. Each parallel reality has its own vibrational frequencies and you just need to focus on the energy of that reality, really feel it with all the emotions, take action and work towards it without pushing too hard or forcing yourself.

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Some of you are often wondering and asking why this reality isn’t working for us. Because you are constantly dwelling on our current negative problems and circumstances and even trying to avoid these problems, focusing on what you do not want (the lower resonance or frequency parallel realities). And by focusing on them so much, you are making yourself move deeper into trouble and problems.  Even when you are working so hard to get what you want, you are constantly surrounding yourself with the negative vibes of a person that is not happy at all and not satisfied with their life. And this way you will simply continue to be unhappy and miserable and even more miserable than before.

You may even somehow, by chance, may manifest that dream car or home or partner, you will still continue to be unhappy. There is no doubt about that with that kind of mindset of negativity. Even when you shifted to a different physical reality, the psychological or mind, reality remained the same because you did not really manage to shift completely to the better vibrations. The center of the frequency stayed the same. This is not complicated or hard work at all, either. As all you need to do is to feel good about yourself, be grateful for what you have and aim for better things with better vibrations, be inspired, feel expanded and happy and be aware of what you can really achieve.

You just accept your current reality, because it has already happened, you’ve already manifested it, use the experience and move on to better vibrations and realities. Start feeling how you would feel in that beautiful state of mind. The energy that you are radiating when you dream of yourself in that moment will reflect back to you. And this is how you actually manifest or move into a more positive parallel reality with higher vibrations. Your awareness or how you’re feeling or the state of being is the center or source of all this from where you manifest to higher frequencies. Focus more on the energy or the feelings rather than the object or experience you wish to manifest. Imagine how having that house or car will actually make you feel. And do this as much as you can, dream about it, feel that experience. And this is not a matter of time either, as you can actually manifest very quickly when you become a master of manifestation, just like a magician.

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