Ultrar Sytiry Folding Treadmill with 3.25HP Motor & 10.1″ HD Touchscreen Review

Ultrar Sytiry Folding Treadmill with 10.1″ HD Touchscreen

Ultrar Sytiry Home Treadmill with 10.1-inch HD Touchscreen

Yellow Ultrar Sytiry Home Treadmill is a foldable home jogging and running equipment with a decent high performance 3.25 horsepower motor, hydraulic drop mechanism, 10.1-inch high definition touch display, wireless function, many preset exercise programs and powerful Audio-Yell.

The multifunctional LED-backlit HD touch display panel is easy to read and operate and shows you the current speed, distance traveled, calories burned, time exercised, heart rate and you have the Start, Stop, Speed up and down options. It offers an immersive and interactive experience with the three dimensional simulation workout scenes outdoors and offers stats tracking as well. There are 12 preset workout programs (P1 to P12) and 3 countdown modes and the functions include music, video, scene mode, applications and wireless networking.

The powerful 3.25 horsepower motor lets you walk, jog and run at speeds up to 9 mph. You can have challenging workouts that are both efficient and as demanding as you wish. With the hydraulic drop mechanism on this folding treadmill you will be avoiding any potential damage to your treadmill or floors when you’re folding or unfolding it. The treadmill turns into a compact unit that will save you on storage space. It has a very large 5-layer tread belt surface with an 8-zone damping to help reduce the impact on your joints greatly. Running outdoors can be hard on your ankles, knees and joints normally.

Ultrar Sytiry Treadmill is a well-built, heavy duty fitness equipment that weighs 72.75 pounds but can be moved easily in the folded position on its transportation wheels and you do not need to do any heavy lifting. The tread belt running area measures 43.3 x 15.7 inches and the total user weight capacity is specified as 265 pounds. Over regular use it will help you burn calories, lose weight, get in shape and more. Taller and larger adults can also use it comfortably as long as they don’t weigh more than the limit. It works fairly quietly and people in your house or your neighbors will not hear anything.

There is a red instant security switch with a red cord that you can attach to your clothes, to let you stop the treadmill in case you you drift back, fall down or lose control in another way. You can put your small items like your mobile phone, cups, keys, TV remote etc. in the two cup holders on both sides of the control panel. The Ultrar Sytiry Home Treadmill with 10.1 Touchdaily maintenance function on this treadmill offers self-service refueling. You will get a user manual with the step by step video installation and you can ask the customer service team for help.

It is shipped swiftly and safely in a solid packaging/box via Amazon.com and you should normally receive it within a few days under normal circumstances. But your approximate shipping and arrival date are shown on your order page clearly. You’ll get a year of customer support included as part of your one year warranty for the frame and the motor and free parts replacement. This great quality treadmill holds the certifications of CB, EN957, ROHS, CE, IEC. As a number on new release (December 16, 2020) treadmill in cardiovascular training, it has an average customer rating of an impressive 5 out of 5 stars by 13 users on the day of this product review.

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