Ultimate Body Press Dip Bar Fitness Station Review

Ultimate Body Press Dip Bar Fitness Station

Ultimate Body Press Dip Bar Fitness Station

Ultimate Body Press Dip Bar would be a nice addition to your home gym if you’re at a beginner or advanced level. It offers a very intense body weight workout despite having quite a compact size, taking up very little space. As a convenient and versatile fitness equipment it lets you do dips for strengthening your triceps and chest and body weight rows for your biceps and back.

It would work a a great circuit workout when you combine the two- do one after the other. You can do 10 reps of each with about half a minute break in between and repeat as much as you can handle. Body weight rows you can do on this station are similar to and work just pull ups and can help you build the strength towards doing pulling ups. You can put your feet on a chair or box  and do the rows to increase the resistance. Core exercises like knee raises can also  be performed on this dip bar, as well as the agility and speed exercises.

If you’re new to exercise you may want to start out slow and build up gradually. You can do less reps at first and increase them over time and you will see results with your muscles getting stronger and toned in a few weeks if you also eat healthy. Dips can be quite challenging to do, especially for newbies and they can start with the push ups or assisted tips and work up to dips with full body weight involvement. You can also do the angled grips on this dip bar for lower chest and triceps. When you do slower reps you will be aiming for increasing the muscle mass and higher reps will help with toning the muscles. 

Black and white Ultimate Body Press measures ‎24L x 36W x 36H inches and can be easily folded for easy relocation and storage. It is made of solid metal and can carry a total maximum weight of 350 pounds. The 1.5-inch thick wall steel tubing and the premium pads make it withstand your intense workouts. With its 3 feet height it is suitable for use by people up to 6’5” of height. It has a sleek and stylish design thatUltimate Body Press Dip Bar will fit nicely wherever you put it.  The patented adjustable dip bar offers two width positions for you and other users, between 19 and 24 inches.

You’ll find the levelling feet that can be adjusted quickly will keep the dip bar firm on different surfaces. It is designed in the US by a North Carolina company and comes with a USA customer service. It is offered with an impressive 10-year limited warranty by the manufacturer against the manufacturer’s defects. The assembly is easy and you can put its pieces together very easily with the quick colour-coded spring-tab assembly without needing any tools. September 6, 2006 is the date it was first available at Amazon.com and is ranked the 28th among the best selling Strength Training Dip Stands and 40th among the Home Gym Systems. The average user rating for this fitness station is 4.5 out of 5 stars by 1431 customers at the time of this post release. 

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