TTLIFE 2-Zone Digital Far-Infrared FIR Oxford Sauna Blanket Review

TTLIFE 2-Zone Digital FIR Oxford Sauna Blanket 

TTLIFE 2 Zone Digital Far-Infrared (FIR) Oxford Sauna

Silver TTLIFE Dual Zone Digital FIR Oxford Sauna Blanket with 650-watt power is designed for calorie burning, body shaping, detox and beauty therapy in the comfort of your home or wherever you wish to use it. As a hot new release product it doesn’t have many ratings or reviews at yet.

It is a returnable item in case you’re not happy with it. The Far Infrared Rays- FIR act differently than the normal heat in a sauna by which you sweat with the high ambient temperature. FIR penetrates into your skin deeply- penetrates, refracts, radiates and reflects, transforming light energy into heat energy. With such deep effect in the deep tissue layers your capillaries and blood vessels dilate, blood circulation is enhanced and toxins are removed out of your body.

Environmentally friendly materials are used on this sauna blanket, such as the high level water-resistant PU Oxford cloth outside and waterproof PVC inside with the flex tensile capabilities when your body is in different positions. Please note that the edges of this blanket won’t be hot but the rest will be. The temperature range is 35 to 75 degrees Celsius and the time can be adjusted between 15 and 60 minutes. It shouldn’t go beyond the maximum temperature of 80 degrees and you should not fold it during the heating or until it cools down after the use.

It will get to more than 120 degrees if you fold it. You have the built-in security features like the auto line disconnection in case of any abnormalities. And you will hear an alarm sound for 60 seconds. Dual zone means both the front and the back of your body are equally heated and you’ll get the weight loss and detox benefits on both sides. TTLIFE 2 Zone Digital Far-Infrared (FIR) Oxford Sauna Control Panel You’ll find two upper zippers for putting your hands out to be able to read a book or check your phone. It has a 650-watt power (110V, 50-60Hz) for quick and efficient heating up to 75 degrees.

You may want to preheat it for five minutes before getting in. Please wear thin clothes or use bath towels during your sauna session. You can fold the blanket after it cools down after use. It is recommended to be used less when humidity is higher, when it is raining or after 9pm. In the package you’ll find the set mainframe, sauna blanket, 2 fuses and a PC power wire. TTLife Sauna Blanket weighs 13.5 pounds and measures 32.5 x 14.5 x 7 inches- is fairly portable. It is one of the best selling, better quality FIR- Far Infrared Saunas at, comes with the user-friendly and security features. We are happy to recommend it.

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