Tru Grit Fitness Grit Runner Manual Treadmill Review

Tru Grit Fitness Grit Runner Manual Treadmill

Tru Grit Fitness Grit Runner Curved Manual Treadmill Carido 6 Levels

Tru Grit Fitness Grit Runner is a curved manual treadmill with 6 resistance levels, motor-less belt design and alloy steel frame for your daily cardiovascular workout at home. With the 100% manual operation you can train harder and burn more calories while developing better balance, posture and cadence. The Grit Runner first became available on September 21, 2021 on and is currently listed in the top 200 best selling treadmills.

The magnetic resistance draw on this manual treadmill gets rid of the heat and friction, when the textured slats offer extra traction. You do not need to be near a power outlet as it is totally powered by your feet and there is no power cord. The Grit Runner Manual Treadmill will also save you on your energy bills as it uses zero electricity. Being made of commercial grade structural steel and aluminum it is sturdy and durable to last for many long years at home. Despite its gym level build quality it is not suitable for use by tens of people everyday in the commercial gym settings.

The Grit Runner weighs 415 pounds, measures 79D x 35W x 60H inches and the tread belt is 62.5 inches long and 19 inches wide, giving you plenty of space to exercise on and is suitable for people of different sizes. The total user weight capacity is specified as 400 pounds and will be good for a great percentage of people- men and women at different ages and fitness levels. You can expect a more intense workout than a regular electric powered treadmills and you’ll see quicker results to achieve your workout goals faster. It is a very good quality gym grade self-propelled, motorless and cordless treadmill that is good for home gym and office use.

Tru Grit Fitness Grit Runner Curved Manual Treadmill

There are 6 levels of resistance you can choose from with the adjustable lever handle for different challenge levels between zero resistance and uphill interval training. So Level 1 is for zero resistance, Levels 2 to 5 are good for walking, jogging or running at higher resistance or for simulated sled push and the highest Level 6 is equal to an uphill interval training or for simulated sled push.

LCD display panel is powered by battery and easy to use and shows the current speed, distance traveled, time exercised, calories burned, pace, watts and interval training modes. A manual treadmill such as this Grit Runner promotes balance and form with the quick midfoor and toe strike cadence. It is currently made ready within 24 hours and shipped swiftly via, almost fully assembled and you just need to use an allen wrench to connect the monitor, side bars and front bars. It is offered with a year of warranty overall and lifetime on the belt. Tru Grit is a good fitness equipment brand that is known for good quality, professional level fitness equipment at affordable prices. We think that it offers great value with its sturdy and durable construction, ease of use, functionality and comfort level.

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