TOLOCO T11 Pro Upgraded Handheld Muscle Deep Tissue Massage Gun Review

TOLOCO T11 Pro Muscle Deep Tissue Massage Gun 

toloco t11 pro massage gun

Black Toloco T11 Pro is an upgraded, handheld, portable deep tissue sports drill massage gun or muscle and body massager with a very quiet high torque 24V brushless motor. The average customer rating is 5 out of 5 stars by 242 users at the time of this product review. It is offered in two color options of black or silver. You’ll get a battery charger and a case for easy portability.

With the solid multi-frequency vibrations it can enhance the blood circulation in your body, improve the motion range, relieve the soreness, aches or any stiffness in your muscles and enhance the soft tissue health in your body. It has a nano-silicone anti-slip handle that is also anti-sweat for a more comfy use. You have the single handed control and can choose from three speeds of vibrations through a single push button between 1800 and 3200 percussions per minute for your different massage or relaxation needs at the time.

Toloco T11 Pro can be used for self massage and will give you simple relaxation or deep massage at the right amplitude. It has an efficient heat dissipation with the porus ventilation and cooling air groove to decrease the heat when the massager is being used. This way the motor life cycle is extended and the performance is improved. There are six custom massage heads to locate different muscles or body parts precisely. It is lightweight at just 2.2 pounds and will not slip or fall off your hand thanks to the silicone handle with a nice grip.

You will enjoy a relaxing massage without any bone damage. It is suitable for use on your calves, thighs, waist, back and all the other muscle groups. And you can use it on yourself easily to do all this except for the back. With the quiet glide noise reduction system on the high torque brushless motor it runs relatively quietly even at the high speeds for deep tissue massage. The noise level is specified as 35 and 50 decibels for three speeds. So you can use it at home, office or gym without disturbing yourself or others. You can use it for warm up before your work out or for faster recovery after your workout.

toloco t11 pro attachments

With the concentrated deep pressures into the muscle tissues it enhances the lymp and blood circulation, relaxing the fascia and tense muscles. It will accelerate the recovery after a workout, relieving the muscle pain and fatigue quickly. Noise will probably not be something you want when you’re in pain and feeling tired. If you accidentally massage a bone it bounces off the bone safely. You can move it back and forth, use it on one spot if there is a knot. Using different attachments for different body parts will also give you better results.

Flat attachment is good for muscle relaxation, fork for massaging your neck and spine, bullet for a precise deep tissue massage and round ball for different larger bulk muscle groups like your buttocks, calves, thighs, back or waist. The parts that you touch of this massage gun doesn’t get hot during the massaging but the metal part does because of friction. It loosens up and relaxes your hamstrings, glutes and quadriceps if you do a lot of squats. We are happy to recommend this powerful and quiet massage gun at about half the price of some brand name models. It is a great muscle massager for how much it costs. It is the upgraded model that can well be compared with the well-known brands like the HyperVolt in terms of battery life and motor power.

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