Tinfancy Portable Steam Sauna with 2L 800W Steam Pot Review

Tinfancy Portable Steam Sauna with 2L 800W Steam Pot

Tinfancy Portable Steam Sauna

Tinfancy Portable Steam Sauna is a modern, robust and functional, therapeutic one person unit with a 2L large capacity steam pot with 800W power (110V, 60Hz), remote control and foldable chair for use at home or wherever you may want to use it.

The reported benefits of this steam sauna include the detox, calorie and weight loss, slimming and mental relaxation. Over regular use this steam sauna will help ease insomnia and enhance your sleep quality, get rid of the toxins and any unwanted garbage in your body, enhance the cyanide resistance, make your skin glowing and maintain your health overall. The average customer rating is 5 out of 5 stars by 3 users at the moment for this hot new release best seller steam sauna product.

Your color options are brown and grey, whichever you fancy, with a price difference that you can view on the Amazon.com product page. The large capacity power saving steam pot- evaporator has the time, temperature, On/Off buttons, and the LCD display that shows the time and temperature that you set to. You can adjust the temperature inside to 9 different levels that best suits you at the time of your steam sauna session. It will save you on money and effort as you won’t need to go to a public sauna. You have a foot ball that makes your feet more comfortable. It also comes with a hot mat to help get rid of fatigue and stress and relax you and a comfy sports canvas folding chair.

It is a conveniently portable and foldable steam sauna tent that can be folded up quickly and carried around easily in the storage bag provided. It is made of a waterproof cloth and plastic, the tent measures 31.5 x 31.5 x 40.6inch as set up and the steam pot is 7.9 x 7.5 x 8.3 inches. You can see the two zipper openings at the front for freeing your hands when you want to play with your smartphone, watch movies, listen to songs or read books. In the box you’ll find the steam sauna tent, the steam pot, a foldable chair and a remote control. You can use it in any room- large or small with limited space. It has a US plug for connecting it to standard US power outlets.

The maximum interior steam temperature you can get is 65 degrees Celsius. There won’t be any leaking when you use this steam sauna and any sweat or liquid from the steam will go onto the mat provided. And if you want to have an extra peace of mind you may want to put a towel on the floor. It has the built-in safety functions like the auto power-off when there is no water left in the steam box, anti-explosion and leaking prevention. Please make sure you drink water to replenish what you Tinfancy Portable Steam Sauna 2L 800Wlose through a lot of sweating in the sauna. It is not recommended to use any sauna after drinking alcohol or having meals, during menstruation and if you have a heart condition or hypertension.

You just use a small amount- 2L of water to get around an hour of nice steam session. It takes 5-6 mins to set up the tent and to connect the steamer and 8 mins or so to fill the tent with steam and it will be ready for you to sit and use in just 15 minutes. Start with the P9 level temperature when heating up and turn it down to P5 when you’re in the sauna, then to P7 for a long session or P9 for a short one, or see what you can handle. If you have not been able to go to the steam sauna at your gym during these Covid days, this good quality portable sauna tent would make a nice home solution for relaxation and other purposes. You’ll probably enjoy it so much that you’ll find yourself using it every day for burning calories, relaxation and skin toning or whatever your purpose is in using this steam sauna.

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