Theragun Wave Duo and Roller Bundle by Therabody Review

Theragun Wave Duo and Roller Bundle

Theragun Wave Duo and Roller Bundle

Theragun Wave Duo and Roller Bundle is the power duo set by TheraBody, designed to deal with one of the most common and persistent human body problems of lower back and neck pain. This dynamic duo may well be what you need in your faster recovery routine as they use the pressure and vibration from your neck down to the bottom of your legs. 

The Wave Duo has a convenient and ergonomic contoured shape for targeting your neck and back muscles on both sides of your spine without putting any pressure on the spine. And the Wave Roller will offer you a classic total body roll for your larger muscles. You can adjust the powerful vibrations from low to high to 5 levels in both units depending on what you can handle or how comfortable your feel. And they will help with decreasing the tension, releasing any soreness and  improving your motion range.

The silicone wave texture / grooves with an innovative design on both the Duo and Roller offer a better pressure to your muscles with also the enhanced traction. And inside you have the hypo- allergenic EVA high density foam. The Wave Duo and Roller both have the Bluetooth functionality and by connecting to the Therabody application on your smartphone you have better control of the process. And you can even set the intensity of the vibrations on your phone and check out the guided rolling recovery for what you may need. 

Both the Duo and the Roller are lightweight, compact and portable with a long battery life (200 minutes for the Wave Duo and 180 minutes for the Roller) and you can easily put either or both in your bag and take them wherever you go. Wave Duo weighs just 2 pounds and measures 7 x 3.9 x 2.6 inches and the Roller weighs 3.3 pounds with the dimensions of 12 x 5.1 inches. TheTheragun Wave Duo and Roller Bundle Low Back Roller has a larger surface and will help release the tension across your whole body with a total foam rolling experience. It will help target the large muscles like lower and upper back, hip, quads and hamstrings with different surface areas. 

August 25, 2021 is the date the Wave Duo and Roller bundle was first available at and there aren’t many customer reviews online yet. In the package of the Wave Duo you will find the Duo, protective carrying pouch and a USB-A to USB-C cable. And in the Roller’s box you’ll find the Roller, a deluxe carrying bag and a power adapter. They come with the 12V internal lithium ion batteries and they are often compatible with the multi-device wireless chargers. Therabody is a leader in the modern recovery technology with innovative products. The bundle is offered with a year of limited warranty and good customer support via your order page on Amazon or their email address / phone number for any issues or queries you may have.   

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