The BOB Ankle Mobility Calf Stretcher, Strengthening Device Review

The BOB Ankle Mobility Calf Stretcher

The BOB, Ankle Mobility Calf Stretcher

The BOB Ankle Mobility Device by Westside Barbell is a unisex adult calf stretcher with a simple design for stretching and strengthening feet, legs and heels and helps with the relief from leg and knee pain. It has an average user rating of 5 out of 5 stars by 3 customers at the time of this post release.

BOB Ankle Calf Device stretches and strengthens different tendons, ligaments and muscles, helps treat plantar fasciitis, supports ankle mobility, increases strength, boosts speed and increases vertical jump. You can stretch your tibialis, achilles and gastrocnemius muscles to the points that you can’t get to by normal means. And it will help improve your strength, flexibility and balance. You can just dedicate 3-4 minutes of your time every day and get results quickly.

Please put the Bob on an even, flat surface next to a support structure to help with your balance. And the way you use it is first you step on it with both your feet and make sure you stand up straight and gently rock your toes forward while focusing on keeping stable. And rock forward till your toes touch the ground, then rock back to your heels. And please release this Bobbing motions from your heel to toe. Any chance of injury is decreased as both the posterior and anterior will assist in getting rid of any risk of shin splints or other serious injuries.

The BOB, Ankle Mobility Calf Leg Stretcher

It is suitable for use in both home gym or professional settings. It is a very functional unit with a simple design, that is easy and fun to use every day along with your normal workout routine. The Bob is made of rubber and the package dimensions are 15.63 x 5.75 x 3.07 inches and the weight is 1.2kg. Training your ankles, feet, heels and legs on the Bob at low or high will feel so easy and it won’t even feel like you’re working out, while getting results in just 3 minutes per day. It will get your calves worked from bottom to top without any stress or pain on your knees or joints. 

It allows you to use a full motion range with an isokinetic workout when you do calf rises. And you will feel the difference when you run, jog or walk or other athletic performance and it will all feel easier and smoother than normal. Your muscles are contracted at a constant speed with different resistance levels. You will be within your natural ability, using your own body weight and any potential injuries are avoided. It is shipped quickly via and the level of customer service is reported to be quite good. At first glance it may seem overpriced for having such ha simple design, but it is not at all as it will allow you to hit the angles and deeply that is not possible otherwise. It first appeared at on November 23, 2021 and is ranked the 66th best seller among the Home Gym Systems at the moment. 

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