Sunray Sequioa HL400K Canadian Red Cedar Wood 4-Person Sauna Review

Sunray Sequioa HL400K  4-Person Cedar Sauna

Sunray Sequioa 4 Person Infrared Cedar Sauna

Sunray Sequioa HL400K is a high-end solid Canadian red cedar wood sauna with a 4-person capacity with the advanced 10-carbon Nano Far Infrared heaters. The average customer rating is 4.8 out of 5 stars by 6 customers for this large hot new release cedar sauna.

Sunray HL400K Sauna weighs 400 pounds and with the measurements of 69W x 53D x 75H inches offers more interior space and comfort than the other 4-person saunas out there on the market. It has a solid and durable structure and feels natural with a nice aroma inside when you’re having your sauna session. The heat produced by the carbon-nano heaters offer evenly and smoothly distributed hear with zero EMF.

It gets to 135 degrees in about half an hour and that is about the maximum you shall have as temperature. The 10 advanced nano-carbon heaters will get the sauna to the temperature you want and evenly dispersing the heat throughout the spacious interior. You can relax comfortably on your own or with friends or the members of your family. You’ll find three movable backrests with an ergonomic design for you to feel comfortable during your sauna sessions. The oxygen ionization system purifies the air and you have the lighting outside and 7-color LED chromotherapy lighting, MP3 player, FM radio with CD and more.

Sunray Sequioa 4 Person Infrared Cedar

It looks very nice in the all natural Canadian red cedar and will improve the decor wherever you put it. The black backdrop that you see in the photo is the carbon heater panels that are just behind the wooden heater grates that you’ll find all over the sauna. Please note that this is an indoor sauna that you can set up anywhere in your house, including basement. And if you have to use it outdoors please make sure you set it up under a covered porch as the wood is not for outdoors use.

With a weight of 400 pounds it is quite heavy overall, but the separate pieces are OK to be carried on their own with the glass doors and the front section the heaviest. Sunray Sequioa HL400K is a large sauna but is easy to set up by two people with a tongue and groove construction. We are more than happy to recommend it if you have the budget for such a premium indoor sauna for 4 people’s use. With a 120V, 20 amp plug you can use it on any US or Canadian power outlets. But the outlet you use should be only for the sauna at the time of operation. As an ETL/CSA certified sauna with the parts and components meeting the established industry standards. It is offered with a long warranty of 7 years by the manufacturer against any problems with the materials or workmanship.

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