SPORFIT Stair Stepper, Under Desk Mini Stepper Climber w/ Handlebar & Resistance Bands Review

SPORFIT Under Desk Mini Stepper w/ Handlebar & Resistance Bands

SPORFIT Stair Stepper Exercise Machine

SPORFIT Stair Stepper is an under desk cardiovascular training machine, a stair climber and a mini twist stepper with the handlebar and elastic resistance bands for home gym use. As a number one new release step fitness machine It first became available at Amazon.com on November 24, 2021 and is currently ranked as the 25th best selling step fitness machine on the website.

Black SporFit Stair Stepper has a metal frame and solid plastic parts, weighs 25 pounds and measures 20 x 20 x 52 inches, covering just 0.23 sq.meter of space. The total user weight capacity is 220 pounds or 100kg on its heavy duty steel frame. You can adjust the handlebar (46″ to 52″) and resistance band (23.5″ to 35.5″) height to your height or whoever is going to use it in your family. The pedal amplitude is adjusted as you turn the knob for simulating mountaineering, trotting and walking. And you will be able to burn calories at different intensities.

The handlebar has a soft padding for a comfy grip and will help you keep your balance when you’re exercising faster. There are three exercise modes on this stepper: With the handlebar, without the handlebar and with the resistance bands. The first mode (with handlebar) is safer when you’re exercising faster and especially if you’re new to this stepping machine. The second mode (pedal alone) is good for training your different leg muscles, hips and core section when you’re working at your desk. The third mode (with resistance bands) is good for strengthening your upper body muscles- shoulders, chest, back and arms.

The clear LCD display on this stair stepper shows your workout data in real time: Calories burned, number of steps, time exercised (in minutes and seconds) and steps run since the insertion of battery. Please note that the battery is included in the package. It gives you a good idea of where you stand and plan your workout better. You can feel safe and stable on the twist stepper when exercising with its anti-slip pedals and the shock cushion. The quiet hydraulic rod on this stair stepper offers uniform force andSPORFIT Stair Stepper Climber helps you keep away from any potential damage, protecting your joints from injuries. It also helps with the quiet operation of this stepper.

SporFit Stair Stepper is compact in size, has a space saving design and is easy to operate. It has the anti-slip foot pads underneath for keeping the stepper stable and for protecting your floors. With the twist movement you can train your different leg muscles, hips and abdominals while improving your cardiovascular fitness level. And by also having the elastic resistance bands you can have a decent whole body workout. SporFit Stair Climber is shipped to your address mostly (90%) pre-assembled and you can finish the rest of the assembly within just 10-20 minutes. If you have any problems with this fitness stepper they’ll offer you an exchange and return service. Overall it appears to be decent value for the dollar.

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