Smartmak Steam Sauna Set, with 2L Steamer and Remote Review

Smartmak Steam Sauna Set w/ 2L Steamer

smartmak steam sauna set 2L steamer

Smartmak Steam Sauna Set is a one person, full body home relaxation, detox and weight loss spa unit with a 900-watt power 2-liter capacity steamer, a foldable chair, a head cover and a remote control.

It has appeared at very recently and has a single user review and a 5-star rating despite being one of the better selling sauna spa tents. Your color options include blue, brown, dark pink, white with blue border and pink border, all with the same price except for the blue at 3 dollars more at the moment.

It will give you a proper sauna- steam bath experience with the included head cover. With the flexibility of owning such a sauna unit you can use it whenever you want, after a stressful day at work and without having to spend money at the spas outside or time to get there and back. And you shall have more time for your other commitments or relaxation at home with your family or on your own. This sauna tent is easy to use and easy to get in and out with its double-sided zipper and the adjustable neckline.

You can adjust the time and temperature of the upgraded evaporator by the remote control and the buttons on the control panel. It has a waterproof inner material that you can wipe and dry very easily. As a safe and reliable sauna it comes with the built-in security features and you can have a peace of mind. The steamer will get shut off automatically to avoid dry burning if there is not enough water. It is an anti-dry and explosion-proof unit with the leakage prevention and hydro-power separation design.

smartmak steam sauna 2L steamer set

You can open and wash this sauna tent, making it feel more comfortable next time you use it. It can be taken on your trips to the beach, fishing and picnic and use it wherever you want. By making you perspire at a low temperature it helps get rid of the toxins and helps with the weight loss. This steam sauna tent can be used in health care and physiotherapy and in combination with massage.

In the package you will get the sauna tent with head cover, portable chair, steamer, herbal box and user manual. The remote control that comes with your purchase is operated by the battery power (CR2025 type battery which is not included in the package). Please do not add any essential oils in the steamer. If you’re not getting enough steam in the tent it may be because of the placement of the hose and blockage, cover not shut properly or the water needed in the tank goes over the max water level. You need to run the preheating before your sauna session till there is enough steam and heat inside. When you wish to use the herbal box please place the item on the upper section so as not to block the air vent. It is manufactured by the Chinese Lujiang County Housheng Plastic Products Co., Ltd.

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