Smartmak Far Infrared Sauna Spa Tent with Heating Foot Pad and Foldable Chair

Smartmak Far Infrared Sauna Spa Tent 

Smartmak Far Infrared Sauna

Smartmak Far Infrared Sauna is a modern, portable full body spa tent of one person capacity for home use. It comes with a foldable chair and a heating foot pad for your comfort during your sauna session.

It mainly has positive reviews at with a good customer satisfaction score. You have six color options of beige, purple, black-border, blue-border, green-border and pearl pink with purple being slightly cheaper at the moment. It is both easy on the eyes- looks nice and is friendly to the environment. You can use it whenever you want in the comfort of your home, especially after a tough day at work.

This great far infrared sauna will save you money from not visiting spas. You can keep entertained and distracted, like watching videos, listening to songs and reading books when you’re using this home sauna spa. It is very easy to set up as there is no need for a special installation. You can just unfold it quickly and will take just a few minutes to heat up the interior. It gets quite small after being folded and you can put it in your wardrobe or under your bed if you have enough space. It comes with three carbon heating panels that are strategically placed for even heat.

There is PVC coating that makes it waterproof and cotton in the middle. It is easy to clean as you can unfold and wash it in a large washing machine, so you have a cleaner sauna spa relaxation space next time you use it. Unlike some infared sauna tents on the market this one has a solid foldable chair with a hand-held control. With the heating foot pad your feet will benefit from the sauna as much as your body as you may be aware that the hot air does not move down, but up. After you put the chair in and set up the tent, you plug the power cord into a power outlet and set up the time and temperature via the controller.

You can use the preheating cover before getting into the sauna to avoid loss of heat. You can adjust the neckline and get in and out of sauna easily with the dual sided zipper. The time and temperature of the foot pad and sauna can be adjusted conveniently through the remote control. You can use this sturdier portable chair in and out of the sauna when you go to the beach, fishing, picnic or wherever you want, indoors and outdoors. You’ll get the sauna tent, PVC frame, a foldable chair, sponge pads, the heating Smartmak Far Infrared Saunafoot pad, a wired control and the user manual. You can put your hands out when you want to hold the remote control or read a book.

Smartmak Far Infrared Sauna is a good sauna but you may need to make some adjustments to feel more comfortable. You can sweat out nicely in this sauna, remove toxins in your body and burn calories. It gets hotter in this tent sauna that other similar models. It is made in China by Lujiang County Housheng Plastic Products Co., Ltd. Please note that this is not a low EMF sauna tent and the EMF measurements are similar to other similar saunas.  If you encounter any problems with the heat or if you feel it is not working as you expect it to of if you break the cover or have any other problems, please contact the friendly customer support and they will be more than happy to give you a small training. They will explain how to use the product clearly.

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