Silver Durasage Oversized Portable Steam Sauna, DSS-XL01 Review

Durasage Portable Steam Sauna, DSS-XL01

Durasage Oversized Portable Steam Sauna

Silver Durasage DSS-XL01 is a modern oversized portable steam sauna and spa with an 800-watt steam generator and a 60-minute timer for relaxation, detox, pain relief, recovery and losing weight in the comfort of your home. The blue foldable chair that you see in the photo is included with your purchase.

When you own the portable Durasage sauna, you can have a steam bath whenever and wherever you want. It is a compact and portable steam sauna with a removable plastic tent frame that is very easy to assemble and disassemble for easy relocation and storage. The 800-watt steam generator is pretty powerful and you can set it up to 60 minutes through the timer dial that you see in the photo.

The interior measures 33 x 31.5 x 41 inches and is more spacious than what is offered in other portable saunas. It is sturdy and durable for many years of personal sauna enjoyment with the good quality materials used. The steam temperature is specified 113 degrees Fahrenheit (45 C°) which is more than adequate for sweating and a decent steam sauna session. You can just add fresh flower or essential oils to make it a much nicer experience. You can clean the interior easily after each use by just wiping up the condensing water with a towel from inside the sauna.

The tent has a cotton cover that is water-proof and the double pockets where you can put your tablet, phone, book or TV remote that you wish to access easily. You may put your hands through the two zipped openings when you want to use your smartphone or read a book. You can keep your head in by putting a towel at the top when you want a facial or skin care by the steam, or stick it out when the heat is a bit much to handle. A diagram is included for the easy assembly of the frame in just a few minutes and then you just put the water-proof cotton cover around the frame.

Durasage DSS-XL01 is offered as a starter kit for customers that are on the market for a personal steam sauna. In the package you will get a set of PVC support tubes, 600D polyester sauna cover with bag, a steam generator with hose, a foldable chair with bag and a user guide with the installation diagram. The shipping weight product package is Durasage dss-xl01 Portable Steam Sauna15.8 pounds and the foldable chair can carry a maximum user weight of 220 pounds. The 1.8-liter capacity steam generator has a plastic water tank and a ceramic heating element to help generate the steam inside the tent.

You’re recommended to use distilled or purified water in the reservoir for the best fresh steam. Tap water can easily damage the steam generator. It is an all-in-one portable sauna with a compact, space saving design but a spacious interior and that is easy to operate with an efficient 800-watt steam generator (120V, 60Hz) that can produce more than 120-degree steam. It gives you an opportunity, a convenient and an easy way to have a little steam room in any part of your house and get all the benefits. It will help enhance blood circulation, release toxins from your skin pores, purify your skin, relax your body, reduce stress and fatigue. It is offered with a warranty of 1.5 years by the manufacturer.

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