Shiatsu Zero Gravity 3D Rocking Recliner Massage Chair with S-Track & Yoga Stretch by Hrelax Review

Shiatsu Zero Gravity 3D Rocking Recliner Massage Chair 

Shiatsu Massage Chair with S-Track, Zero Gravity Functions

Khaki and blue Hrelax Shiatsu Zero Gravity Massage Chair has the S-track feature for a neck to waist massage by the three dimensional 4 robot hand rollers as well as the whole body airbag system, waist heater,  foot rollers,  and the foot rest extend.

Your neck, shoulder, back and waist are all covered by the S track and there are twelve different massage techniques applied by the robot hand rollers. Shiatsu Zero Gravity by Hrelax is a very recent release massage chair with an average customer rating of 5 out of 5 stars at the time of this product review. You can purchase this chair with the expert assembly that includes moving to a room of your choice, unpacking, assembly and getting rid of the packaging to the customer’s bin.

This is a rocking recliner massage chair with the foot rollers and the full body air bags, built-in waist heater and foot rest extend. There are three adjustments for the strength and the width of the 3D robot hands, 6 automatic modes and ways of massaging including the Chinese acupoint and Thai stretch massage. The yoga mode is good for stretching and relaxing your body. And when you press the “waist” button you have a rocking chair that will help you to sleep.

With the zero gravity design your feet will be lifted at a higher level than your heart and the pressure on your neck and the heart load will be reduced. The full body air compressor massage you have the option to choose the body parts and the strength/intensity of the airbag (high, medium and low). This is a solid and heavy-duty massage chair that weighs 230 pounds and can carry a maximum user weight of 400 pounds. And people that are 6’1″ tall or shorter can use it comfortably.

Shiatsu Massage Chair with S-Track, Zero Gravity

It has the Bluetooth Audio Play function with two built-in speakers for you to listen to relaxing music during your massage. The foot airbag and the roller can help relieve your foot pain and help you to sleep. You can extend the footrest forward roughly 2.5 inches to accommodate people that are 6’1″ tall.

Hrelax Shiatsu Zero Gravity is quite a heavy chair but includes two wheels at the rear for you to move it comfortably in your house or office. The integrated waist heat function helps enhance the blood circulation in your body. It can swing up and down gently just like a rocking chair, in the auto mode. It has a 230-watt power and is suitable for use on standard US power outlets (110-120V of voltage). It is quite a comfortable massage chair that can help you with your back pain, increase the blood circulation in your body, help you relax and feel calmer and better after a long day at work. It offers great value overall as compared to some of the high cost chairs on the market.

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