Setting 2-in-1 Under Desk Foldable 2.25HP Treadmill Review

Setting 2-in-1 Under Desk Foldable 2.25HP Treadmill

Setting 2 in 1 Under Desk Treadmill 2.25HP

Setting 2-in-1 Under Desk Treadmill is a foldable electric walking and jogging machine with a 2.25 horsepower motor, LED-backlit display, Bluetooth app and remote control. It first became available on November 2, 2021, has an average user rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars by 5 customers and is listed as the 70th best selling treadmill at the time of this post release.

Setting Under Desk Treadmill has a solid, heavy duty construction and measures 50L x 25W x 46H inches. The total user weight capacity is 220 pounds (100kg) on its solid frame with the silica gel column support. There are 5 layers on this anti-slip PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) tread belt with decent shock absorption to offer you a low impact workout that will offer cushioning for your joints, knees, ankles or muscles. The five layers on the PVC tread belt are sound insulation, compression, high strength support, wear resistant and shock absorbing layers.

The 2-in-1 Under Desk Treadmill can be used in two modes of walking with the handle down at a speed of up to 3.8mph by using the remote control and running with the handle up at a maximum speed of up to 7.5mph. The wide tread belt measures 40 x 16 inches and offers a comfortable space for exercising. So this convertible machine is designed both as a walking machine when you’re working at your desk and for running fast when you want to. The noise generated by the motor and the tread belt is specified as less than 60 decibels and will not disturb you or people around you.

Setting Under Desk Treadmill is ideal for use in apartments, houses or offices, it is shipped fully assembled and you can use it pretty much straight away after the unboxing. The folded measurements are 52 x 25 x 5 inches and it comes with the transportation wheels and can be moved easily after being folded. The LED-backlit control panel shows you the time exercised, calories burned, distance traveled, current speed and you do not need to switch the indicators on the display manually.

This 2-in-1 Treadmill would work well for those of you that can’t get to gym regularly or exercise outdoors and you can burn calories all day long by walking on this high precision treadmill while working at your desk. The treadmill does not have the adjustable incline function and stays fixed and you need to use an Allen wrench to fold it up or down. You can use the remote controller for adjusting the speed or stopping the treadmill. Please note that the remote controller needs a CR 2032 type battery and this 2.25HP motor treadmill can be plugged into any standard power outlet. In the package you’ll find the electric under desk treadmill and the user manual.

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