SereneLife Oversize Portable Infrared Sauna with Heating Foot Pad & Portable Chair, SLISAU20BK & SLISAU20SL Review

SereneLife Oversize Portable Infrared Sauna, SLISAU20 

SereneLife Oversize Portable Infrared Home Sauna

SereneLife SLISAU20 is an oversize portable infrared sauna that is suitable for one person’s use and comes with a portable white chair and a heating foot pad. Your color options are black (SLISAU20BK) or silver (SLISAU20SL), whichever you fancy. This hot new release portable spa is currently rated 4.2 out of 5 stars by 12 mostly happy users at the time of this post release. It lets you enjoy the benefits of a sauna in the comfort of your home if you don’t have the time or the means to get to a spa regularly.

This modern FIR- far infrared sauna radiates heat that you can adjust through the wired remote controller. It is designed to relieve the pain in your muscles, prevent fatigue, give you a detox therapy and relax your body and mind at the end of a busy and hard day. It can help you burn calories and fat, lose weight, get rid of toxins and reduce stress. You can keep your head and hands out by unzipping the hand access zippers and read a book, watch a video or check your social media account or emails during your sauna session. The foldable and portable sauna chair is nice to have and comfortable to sit on when you’re relaxing in the sauna.

The chair is not included with many other similar portable sauna models. With a collapsible design you can fold it for easy relocation and storage and take it wherever you go. The material used on this portable sauna is resistant to moisture that lets it used outdoors as well as indoors. The wired controller has the timer (up to 60 mins) and the SereneLife Oversize Portable Infrared Home Spaauto temperature setting (up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit or 60 Celsius). It is a low cost heating sauna with a 1050- watt generator power output (120V of voltage) and a power efficient design. It heats up quite fast within just a few minutes and will stay at that temperature as long as you want it.

SereneLife SLISAU20 weighs 21.6 pounds, measures 33L x 31.4W x 40H inches as assembled and has a 5.3″ long power cord. The heating element in this infrared sauna is the fiber heating panels. The EMF score is roughly 20-80 MGS. It is easy to set up and dissassemble and is conveniently portable to be used in different locations. If you want it to heat up quicker you may want to put an extra towel on top to keep the heat in. You may find it easier to sleep if you use this in the evening- you’ll definitely notice a difference if you’re having difficulty sleeping. Please note that this is an oversized model for use by taller people over 6 foot as well.

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