SEAAN Portable Personal Steam Sauna Tent with 2L Steam Pot Review

SEAAN Portable Personal Steam Sauna Tent

SEAAN Portable Personal Steam Sauna Spa

SEAAN Portable Personal Steam Sauna is a modern full body spa sauna tent with a 2L steam pot and remote control for home use or wherever you want. It offers the same therapeutic benefits of a commercial steam room at a spa or gym, just in a compact package and at an affordable price.

It will save you a lot of money and time over time by making you not go and pay for a steam session. Such facilities are mostly closed during the pandemic days anyway. The reported benefits include the calories burning, weight loss, slimming, detoxification, relaxation of mind and body. It comes with a remote control that lets you adjust the time (between 10 and 60 minutes) and temperature settings (9 levels). You have a 2 liter capacity 1000-watt power steam pot that heats up the interior and fills it up with steam quickly.

It is a hot new release steam sauna tent with a good quality construction and frame and an affordable price. It is lightweight, compact and portable and you can fold it and store it in just 3 easy steps. Seaan Steam Sauna Tent has the double sided zipper for you to get in and out easily. The heat loss is avoided thanks to its thick cotton material and the silver coating inside that make it both waterproof and easy to maintain and clean. You have the strong stainless steel bracket in this high quality tent that is quite tough and not easily breakable. It also has the hot air glue leak-proof treatment at the bottom.

The 304-grade stainless steel steamer inner liner is resistant to corrosion. The steamer is sturdy and durable and generates steam and heat efficiently with the 1000-watt power (110V). You can put in 2 liters of water (68 ounces) and get 9 different levels of steam delivery. The built-in security functions include anti-leaking protection, auto power-off protection, explosion proof and anti-dry burning. The maximum temperature it can reach is 122 degrees Fahrenheit and that is in just a few minutes and will take about 10 minutes to preheat. It is nice being able to adjust the time and temp through the remote control as well as the panel on the steamer pot.

It offers a systemic diathermy therapy for increasing the metabolism, promoting the blood circulation, enhancing the skin tone, increasing your sleep quality, and relieving any stiffness and joint pain. Seaan Steam Sauna Tent weighs 5.06 pounds and measures 24 x 27 x 36 inches. In the box you will find the steam sauna tent, steam pot, a user manual and a remote control. A foldable chair is not included as it already has quite an affordable price. And you probably need a small chair to use the tent more comfortably or you can use it without a chair. If you are very tall with long legs, this little tent may not be ideal for you. It gets quite hot inside at the higher settings and you’ll get a good sweat. Instructions can be a little confusing for some users with some misspellings, but they also have the graphics to help them.

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