ROTAI Auto Electric Seated Under Desk Leg Foot Pedal Exerciser Elliptical Machine Review

ROTAI Auto Electric Seated Under Desk Leg Foot Pedal Exerciser

ROTAI Auto Elliptical Machine

ROTAI Auto Elliptical Machine is an electric seated, under desk pedal exerciser with the LCD monitor and remote control for leg and feet that is designed for under desk use. This imported elliptical trainer is compact and portable and lets you work out quietly at home or in the office.

You have two color options of orange and pure-black with a ten dollar price difference at the moment. You can view the current prices on the product page. Rotai Under Desk Elliptical is compact and portable, weighs 15 pounds and measures 19.7L x 17.5W x 11H inches. This 2-in-1 Elliptical Trainer can be used in both auto (plug in) and manual modes. You can get your daily exercise when you’re sitting in the office and you don’t have to dedicate a time for exercise after work.

This auto elliptical trainer will help enhance the blood circulation in your body, legs and feet, get your energy levels back and keep the pain away. It is easy to operate as you just plug it in and start training forward and back. You can also use it when you’re sitting on the couch after work and watching a movie. There are 4 preset modes and 5 resistance levels to meet your workout needs. You have a smart remote control with pretty much the same functions as the LCD control panel and you don’t need to bend every time. You can start exercising with a single press of the button, burn calories and fat, and lose weight. And it will especially help with the leg recovery.

ROTAI Auto Elliptical Trainer

It is easy to relocate and store in a convenient place. It has a groove for putting the remote control and you can move it around in your house or office. If you want to use it manually you just unplug it and automatically as you plug it in. You don’t need to pay any attention and can simply focus on your work or whatever you’re doing. You control the time and speed at your will when you unplug it and use in the manual mode.

You can change your speed, direction and working pattern through the remote control. It comes with the Shiatsu massage pedals for the comfort of your feet as they will stimulate your feet muscles and enhance the blood circulation. The anti-slip bottom of this elliptical offers great stability. The LCD-backlity display shows you the current speed, calories burned, distance traveled, working pattern, counter and remaining time from 30mins preset. And it shows each of these indicators one by one in a cycle of a few seconds. Please note that you can’t use it in a standing mode and not sitting and your body weight will not matter. The date this hot new release electric mini elliptical was first available is August 31, 2021.

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