Rollingsurfer Aodi Stepper-01 Under Desk Seated Mini Cycle Elliptical Trainer Review

Rollingsurfer Aodi Stepper-01 Under Desk Seated Mini Elliptical

Rollingsurfer Under Desk Elliptical Trainer

Rollingsurfer Aodi Stepper-01 is an under desk seated mini cycle elliptical trainer with the anti-slip textured pedals, LED-backlit monitor, remote control for a convenient workout in the comfort of your home or office. As a hot new release product that first became available on August 17, 2021, it is currently ranked the 56th best seller among the elliptical trainers.

With a solid base, smooth magnetic resistance and flywheel it rides smoothly and quietly and you will not disturb people in the house or your colleagues at work. The multifunctional LCD-backlit display shows the distance traveled, current speed, calories burned, time exercised and count. It lets you keep track of your data in real time and you can adjust the intensity of your workout as you go. You have both the touch display and the remote control, so that you don’t have to bend over each time. It comes with a decent user guide to help you operate it easily.

You can sit on a chair or couch and train and burn calories and fat throughout the day when you’re working or studying at your desk. This makes it suitable for use by the office people or the seniors with mobility issues. And it will also strengthen and tone your legs and core section- abdominals and improve the coordination of your lower and upper limbs. The ergonomic large particle textured non-slip pedals will help make your movements on this elliptical trainer smooth and stable and protect your joints or knees from any potential injuries. It offers quite a safe workout and will help improve the strength of your legs.

There are two preset workout modes and 8 resistance levels for what you can handle at the time. This mini elliptical offers two motion directions of forward and backward. Please note that you can use it in a seated position, and not standing. In the package you will find the elliptical trainer, a user manual, a remote control and a power cord. The built-in remote has a special place in the middle as you can see inRollingsurfer Aodi Under Desk Elliptical Trainer the photo and you can put it there when not using it and you’ll also be less likely to lose it.  It can be used in both electric and manual modes, plugged in or unplugged and you have the 5 speed levels to let you work out easily.

Rollingsurfer Under Desk Elliptical is very lightweight and compact in size- weighs 16.98 pounds and measures 15.75 x 14.75 x 9.84 inches. It has a large handle for you to move it in your house or office and work out whenever and wherever you want. It is ideal for use in small apartments as it doesn’t take up much space unlike the large fitness equipment. It doesn’t require an assembly and you can use it pretty much straight out of the box. It will enhance the blood circulation and the leg flexibility and balance, which is especially good for those with the sedentary lifestyles or office workers. It is suitable for use by people at different ages and fitness levels from kids to seniors or those with mobility problems or recovering from an injury.

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