REEHUT Desk Mini Elliptical Trainer Standing Pedal Exerciser Review

REEHUT Desk Mini Elliptical Trainer

REEHUT Desk Elliptical Machine

REEHUT Desk Mini Elliptical Trainer is a quiet and compact cardiovascular / aerobic workout equipment, pedal exerciser, sitting and standing elliptical for home office use, with its LCD-backlit display and adjustable resistance.

The date it first became available is June 29, 2020 and it has a decent average customer rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars by 18 users at the moment. As a dual purpose elliptical trainer you can use it in both sitting and standing positions as you adjust the height on the triangular bade. You just rotate this base before standing and raise the guide rail for about 2 inches off the ground and train your lower and upper body and abdominals. And you rotate the triangular base and lower the guide rail for 1.2 inches off the ground and train your legs.

You can use it as an under desk trainer in the office with this low pedal design and 35cm (13.8 inches) height. So you can have it under a low desk or table or an adjustable height desk and your knees will not hit the desk. This desk elliptical trainer will help you avoid a sedentary life style as you sit all day in front of the computer. You will not need to dedicate extra time to getting to gym after work if you just do cardiovascular training. It has a conveniently compact and space saving design as it takes only 0.3 square meters and you can place and store it directly under your desk.

The elliptical motion track will help decrease the impact on your knee joints. The step length is 6 inches, which is both safe and comfortable. It can be used by users at different ages including the young people and adults for their daily training and rehab sessions. With the belt transmission and double bearing system inside and the soft PU wheels and EVA guide rail veneer it offers a smooth and quiet operation. The noise level is less than 50 decibels even during the tough workouts and you will not disturb your colleagues or people resting or sleeping in the house.

You can adjust the step-less felt resistance easily according to your needs by rotating the tension knob for a good workout. It can be used for different purposes like warming up, calorie and fat burning, lower body- leg training and muscle training. The total user weight capacity is 220 pounds or 100kg on its solid frame. This would work well for you if you work in your office or home office all the time and do not have REEHUT Desk Elliptical Machine Trainer the time or energy to get to gym after work. It has an ergonomic design and offers a low impact workout. It imitates climbing the stairs, walking or other postures and is good for daily use.

REEHUT Desk Mini Elliptical Trainer comes with a convenient handle for easy transportation as it can be picked up with a single hand. You can view your fitness data like the calories burned, time exercised and distance traveled- mileage on the clear display monitor and stay motivated towards your goals. The anti-slip pedals have the textured surface with the increased friction which makes your workout safer. The clearance needed under the desk is 12 inches (height of the machine) + 3 inches for operation. It is shipped mostly assembled and comes with a user manual that includes the assembly instructions with drawings.

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