Qingor Stationary Indoor Belt Driven Bike with 35 lb. Flywheel Review

Qingor  Stationary Indoor Belt Driven Bike with 35 lb. Flywheel

QINGOR Stationary Indoor Exercise Bike

QINGOR Stationary Bike is a sleek and modern indoor fitness equipment with a robust and durable frame, a comfortable saddle, belt drive and a heavy 35lb. flywheel, an LCD display and tablet holder among other functions. It has a decent customer satisfaction score of 4.8 out of 5 stars by 179 customers at the time of this post release with mainly positive reviews by the happy customers.

The first release date at Amazon.com is April 12, 2021 and we think that it is pretty good value for money judging by the build quality, functions and positive customer reviews. You can expect a smooth and quiet riding experience consistently even at the higher speeds and resistance levels thanks to the large 35lb. flywheel and belt drive. You will not disturb your neighbors or people in the house and you can watch Youtube videos or listen to music for also getting distracted by the entertainment and exercising longer. It has a commercial grade stable and solid steel frame and is built with good quality component but is designed for use in the comfort of your home or in the office, and not so much the gym settings.

QINGOR Stationary Bike measures 41.3L x 20.66W x 46.45H inches and the total user weight capacity is 350 pounds. The minimum height is 32.87 inches and the maximum height is 40.55 inches with the fully adjustable handles and saddle. You’ll get a water bottle holder in the middle for you to stay hydrated during your workout session. With the continuously variable resistance levels that you can adjust through the tension knob you have different difficulty or challenge levels to what you can handle at the time. And you can press the tension knob to stop immediately and safely. The seat is quite comfortable and the elbow support on the handles offer a nice grip, especially for your longer session.

It can help you burn calories and fat, strengthen and tone your lower body and ab muscles and improve your heart and lung function. As a belt driven bike it certainly rides smoother and quieter than a chain driven bike and is much easier to maintain. You’ll get almost a real road cycling experience with the variable resistance adjustor and the heavy flywheel that offers a momentum that helps maintain the steady and safe operation. You should be able to assemble it easily within half an hour or less as it comesQINGOR Stationary Indoor Exercise Bike LCD Display with a detailed user manual and the tools. It doesn’t have a foldable design and includes the transport wheels for easy relocation and storage in a convenient place. You can simply tilt and roll out without any heavy lifting or strain on your muscles.

You can feel safe and stable on its robust frame and with the adjustable textured, anti-slip cage style aluminum alloy steel pedals that will keep your feet in place. The flywheel and other parts are well protected for your and your kids’ protection from potential accidents. You’ll get to do your intense aerobic workout and burn calories efficiently on its stable and durable frame that supports a maximum of 350 pounds. You may adjust the seat 4-ways (up, down, forward and back) and the handlebar two ways- up and down for your enhanced comfort and for accommodating users of different heights. The small smart LCD display has the usual indicators of current speed, distance traveled, time exercised, calories burned and odometer. Please note that there is no heart rate reading on this bike but the other readings are reported to be accurate.

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