PTPEPL Stationary Indoor Magnetic Bike with 330lb Capacity Review

PTPEPL Stationary Indoor Bike with 330lb Capacity

PTPEPL Indoor Cycling Bike 330 LBS

PTPEPL Indoor Cycling Bike is a solid and durable stationary cardio training equipment with a decent total user weight capacity of 330 pounds, magnetic resistance and decent flywheel. There is a single 5-star rating at the moment on the day of this short product review for this brand new release indoor bike.

PTPEPL Indoor Stationary Bike has a fairly ergonomic design with a comfortable seat cushion, a 13.2 lb. flywheel, a multifunctional LCD-backlit monitor, a tablet holder and a special handlebar shape. You have the option to purchase this fitness bike with a 22lb. or 28.6lb. flywheel and/or different handlebar shape. Please have a look at the product page for the price differences- 30 dollars extra for the 22lb. version and 50 dollars extra for the 28.6lb. version.

PTPEPL Bike is robust and durable with an alloy steel frame and a stable triangular structure, weighs 66 pound and measures 35.4 x 21 x 47 inches. With the magnetic resistance, belt drive and flywheel it rides very smoothly and quietly and you will not disturb yourself, your neighbors or people in the house. It goes through thorough tests and inspection prior to leaving the factory. You’ll get the instructions and the simple tools included in the package and you may install it within just half an hour.

PTPEPL Indoor Cycling Bike 330lb Capacity

Both the seat and the handlebar are adjustable and you can move the seat up, down, forward and back and the handlebar up and down for a more comfortable use by different members of your family. It can help you burn calories and fat, lose weight, strengthen your heart and lungs and tone your muscles and make you feel healthier overall in body and mind. The LCD-backlit digital display will help you track your training data to help you progress faster. There is an iPad holder that lets you put your tablet or smartphone and listen to music or watch videos when you’re exercising.

You also have a water bottle holder to help keep you hydrated without having to get off the bike. You can control the workout intensity through the tension dial. Magnetic resistance on this updated modern bike ensures this smoother and quieter operation than the wool felt brake pads and the seat cushion is comfortable especially over the longer sessions. There is also no friction on the magnetic resistance. The adjustable straps on the pedals will help fit the different sized feet. You’ll also get a floor mat included in the box. It is offered with a 12-month parts replacement warranty and 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. You can message the customer support with any questions you may have and they’ll get back to you within 12 hours.

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