Ps Row Squat Rider, Squat Assist Trainer & Total Crunch Pro Review

Ps Row Squat Rider, Squat Assist Trainer

Ps Row Squat Rider Total Crunch Pro

Ps Row Squat Rider is a compact, modern and stable compound rowing squat machine that is designed for working on your glutes, legs and your whole body overall. It is also known as the ‘Squat Assist Trainer’ and ‘Total Crunch Pro’. September 25, 2021 is the date this squat rider was first available on and is currently listed in the top 80 best selling rowing machines.

This compound squat and rowing equipment works smoothly to help you burn calories and fat, strengthen and tone your muscles and enhance their appearance. Over regular use you may also find the strength of your body improved and you can do your daily physical tasks better. The main muscles targeted with the Ps Row Squat Rider are hams, quads, calves, glutes, abs, lower back as well as the upper body. You’ll get the three elastic bands that you can clip to the seat with the fixed self locking screws for security.

PS Row Squat Rider is compact in size and can be folded conveniently to measure 60 x 18.5 x 9.5 inches as folded, to be stored easily in a corner against a wall, in the closet or under the bed when not in use. It weighs just 26.85 inches and you should be able to lift it easily on your own. With a total maximum user weight capacity of 265 pounds on its robust and durable frame, different people in your family can use it comfortably. The seat can be adjusted fore and aft for distance from the handles according to your footing and you can fix it in the right position for your height to feel comfortable during your training session.

Ps Row Squat Rider Machine

The seat seems comfortable and the armrests have an ergonomic design to let your body and arms stay in the natural squat training. This way the stress on the knee joints are reduced and you keep the right motion on the rower. There is a small fitness monitor that tracks the regular workout indicators like the calories burned, time exercised, reps in minutes and counts.

You can start out slowly and increase the number of squats you do every day. And the more and harder you train the more calories you will burn, as long as you also generally eat healthy. The PS Row Squat Rider actually offers quite an intense workout and may help you feel healthier overall with the heart rate, blood pressure and bad cholesterol reduced. It is designed for use by people at different ages and fitness levels in home gym. And we think that it is a great value fitness machine that will be good for those that want intense workouts.

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