Power Fit Power Legs Vibration Plate Foot Massager Review

PowerFit Power Legs Vibration Platform

Powerfit Power Legs Vibration Plate

Power Fit Power Legs Vibration Plate is an electric foot massager with a wireless remote control with the multiple settings including adjustable speeds/ intensity and time control, silicone pads and rotating relaxing proprietary acupressure heads. It is marked as a returnable item at Amazon.com within 30 days of your purchase, probably with a restocking fee.

The control display panel is easy to read and operate and you can use the remote control when you don’t want to lean down each time you want to change the speed etc. especially if you have discomfort on your lower back or legs. The special acupressure heads align nicely with your foot soles. They produce oscillation type vibrations on the exact pressure points and offer a great relaxing massage on your feet and legs.

If you feel tired, pain, sore or anything weird on your feet, calves or legs, the Power Fit will help soothe and re-energize them with the great oscillation vibration and acupressure system. Other than helping get rid of temporary discomfort, it can also help enhance the blood circulation in your body, reduce your overall stress level, helps strengthen and tone muscles with the contraction and offer physical and mental relaxation overall- both body and mind.

There are ten massage pressure intensity levels to choose from depending on whether you want to massage your quads, lower back, legs, hamstrings, calves or soles of your feet. The vibration plate works with just one foot and you don’t have to have both feet on for it to work. You may have back problems, sitting in front of computer all day in the Powerfit Power Legs Vibration Plate Foot Massageroffice or being in your shoes all day may feel uncomfortable. It can help with your back pain relief and feel better overall after a long day at work and outside your house.

This is an electric operated vibration platform, not battery operated and comes with a power adapter and a 3 feet cord, so you may want to be close to the power outlet or use an extension cord. The wireless remote control works with 2 x AAA batteries that are included in the package. You have the automated settings including the intensity and time, so you will be needing this remote control. It runs on 110 Volts and standard US power outlets- you just plug the cord to the vibration plate, then to the power outlet. We think that it is a reasonably priced machine for the build quality and user-friendly features.

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