Polar Aurora Heavy Duty Gravity Inversion Table Review

Polar Aurora Gravity Inversion Table

Polar Aurora Heavy Duty Gravity Inversion

Polar Aurora Gravity Inversion Table by LKF is a sturdy and durable, heavy duty unit that comes with an adjustable protective belt and a headrest. There are three color options to choose from, blue, red and white at about the same price tag, with only a dollar difference for the white inversion table at the time of this post release.

Being made of high quality materials and having a very wide tubular steel frame, it is built sturdy and durable, and feels safe and stable during your inversion therapy. It will give you full control with the precise rotation and it is easy to operate with the arm movement transferring your weight nicely. You can also get back to your starting position easily.

The reported benefits of this solid, modern inversion table include releasing the muscle tension, re-adjusting the spine, rejuvenating the inter-vertebral disc and relieving the nerve pressure. It has an ergonomic design that is good for your waist curve and helps release the tension nicely. The backrest offers great support with the good quality memory foam. It has the ergonomic ratchet ankle locking system that is easy to adjust and the safety lock pin to make you feel more comfortable and secure during your reversal therapy.

For security you have the heavy-duty steel frame, ratchet ankle fixation, precise chuck buckle and the safety lock pin that will make you feel safe and stable when you are inverting. You can adjust the height easily through the height adjustment tube. There is a crossbar at the rear that is adjustable to 3 angle positions and the conventional belt system is not needed. It weighs 52 pounds and the users up to 300 Polar Aurora Inversion Tablepounds of weight and between the heights of 4.26 and 6.1 feet can use this heavy-duty inversion table comfortably.

Polar Aurora Gravity Inversion Table is a back stretcher equipment for pain relief therapy. Those of you with the relevant health conditions that may be risky with an inversion table, including pregnancy, stroke, retinal detachment, high blood pressure, glaucoma, eye or inner ear problems, hiatal hernia etc. need to consult with a healthcare professional before using an inversion table (reversal therapy). It has a conveniently foldable and portable design and you can fold it easily and put it against a convenient wall or in your closet. For the lower price point concerned this solid inversion table with a heavy-duty frame offers pretty decent value for the dollar.

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