PINKWAY Vibration Platform Whole Body Shaker with 99 Speeds Review

PINKWAY Vibration Platform Whole Body Shaker

PINKWAY Vibration Platform Machine

PINKWAY Vibration Platform is a body shaker and massager with the dynamic oscillation motion technology for exercise, fitness, relaxation and pain relief purposes. It has the Bluetooth functionality and comes with a remote control for easy operation without needing to kneel down onto the control panel.

The average customer rating is 4.4 out of 5 stars by 27 people that purchased and used the vibration plate that first appeared at on March 18, 2021. There are two design options on the product page, both of which are pink & black with a 2-dollar price difference at the moment. With the whole body oscillation motion and contraction of muscles on this vibration plate you’ll get kind of a resistance training, calorie and fat burning with the increased metabolism, enhanced blood circulation, increased bone density and more.

You may adjust the level of intensity or speed between 1 and 99 by just clicking a button on the remote control. With 3 workout modes available you can try different ones or combine them with the regular workout. If you want to get results faster it is best that you use this vibration platform in addition to your gym or other normal workout routine and following a healthy eating plan. With the touch button controls you can turn it on and off (Power) choose the mode, adjust the speed from 99 levels, time, music and volume + and – . There is an LCD-backlit display on the actual control panel on the vibration platform and you can monitor your workout progress.

PINKWAY Vibration Platform Machine Remote Control

You have the magnetic bead for each foot and you’ll feel the acupressure on your soles as you stand on the platform. It can help soothe the muscle and joint pain after your workout. The anti-slip textured surface will keep your feet and body stable and safe. And there are 4 anti-slip bottom suckers to prevent sliding of the machine during your session. It comes with the integrated Bluetooth speaker and you can play relaxing music as you do your vibrations.

You’ll get two elastic resistance bands with your purchase to work on your upper body at the same time. You can use the vibration platform with or without the bands when you’re watching a show on TV. It is suitable for a single person use, rather stable and the total user weight capacity is specified as 260 pounds. It works fairly quietly as you don’t get much noise other than the light humming of the vibrations. The instructions are reported to be not so good in the manual and having to click some buttons twice on the remote to get them working, but that seems to be specific to that remote rather than being a common problem. The pink butterfly design is good for the ladies, feels sturdy and durable with a decent quality construction, does the job well and offers good value for money overall.

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