PINJAZE Sauna Blanket with Oxford Upgrade, Double Zipper & 2 Zone Safety Switch Review

PINJAZE Sauna Blanket with Oxford Upgrade

PINJAZE Sauna Blanket for Weight Loss

Silver PINJAZE Sauna Blanket is a modern personal far infrared sauna product for use in the comfort of your home or wherever you wish to use. Your color options are silver, purple and navy blue at different current prices that you can view at

It is made of the Oxford cloth waterproof PVC material with the double zippers and has the dual zone safety switch. Pinjaze Sauna Blanket has a long and wide cover design with the upgraded stretch out hand zippers. It weighs 9.88 pounds, measures 71L x 32W inches as unfolded and doesn’t need a lot of space in your room. There is a smart remote control and you can plug it into the standard 110V US plug.

This infrared sauna blanket is a very practical unit that is easy to use as it doesn’t need any installation. It works very well as a sauna, offering you the same benefits and you can use it long term thanks to its decent quality. You’ll get two new fuse tubes in the box and if the control box doesn’t work you can change it with the other fuse and get it to work. Please don’t fold the blanket during or after use before it cools down completely.

You’ll need to increase the temperature to preheat it before starting to use it. You may want to set it to 60 degrees Celsius at first and reduce it after preheating. It is quite easy to use and clean the Oxford cloth waterproof PVC material by wiping with a towel. There is a plastic film on the tail of the remote control and your start using it after removing it. You’ll simply lie down in it for how long you can handle the heat without pushing yourself too much.

You’re recommended to put the bath towel or the liners of the sauna blanket prior to use to not suffer burns from high temperature. You can adjust the temperature and time through the instrument or remote control. The max temperature it can reach is 80 degrees Celsius and the maximum time is 60 minutes. The reported benefits of this infrared sauna blanket is pain relief, detox, calorie burning and weight loss, improved sleep, relief from fatigue and more. This sauna blanket offers an easier, more passive way of weight loss than running or working out at the gym or outdoors.

PINJAZE Sauna Blanket Oxford upgrade

Please refer to the Amazon product page or the user manual that comes with the product for the operation instructions. Please turn off the power and unplug it from the power outlet. There are two cables on the upper and lower blankets for even heat distribution on both sides. And it comes with the built-in security functions like the auto power-off in case of overheating.

With the two hand openings you can play with your phone, read a book etc. The reported benefits include enhanced blood circulation, detoxification, calories and fat burning for weight loss and getting in shape, relaxing your muscles, relieving pain, improving skin and your sleep quality. You have the indicators for time, temperature of the surface and temp of the blanket and Start/Pause and Up and Down buttons on both the instrument and the remote. In the package you’ll find the sauna blanket, a US power cord, a control box, a user manual and a remote control. It won’t feel very hot like in dry saunas but you will sweat and feel really relaxed. It is quite a good quality product with a sturdy and durable construction.

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