PEXMOR Foldable Rowing Machine with Magnetic Resistance Review

PEXMOR Magnetic Foldable Rowing Machine

Pexmor Foldable Rowing Machine

PEXMOR Magnetic Foldable Rower is a cardiovascular fitness equipment with the 8 levels of adjustable resistance and LCD-backlit monitor and 265-pound user weight capacity for home gym use. July 29, 2021 is the date it was first available on and is currently listed in the top 100 best selling rowing machines.

You can use it both as a cardio and resistance training unit with the adjustable real levels of resistance offering different difficulty levels. It offers a nice whole body workout that gets different muscles involved including your legs- calves, glutes, quads, biceps, lats, pecs, shoulder, rhomboids, trapezii, core section- abdominals and back and can also help improve your posture. You can burn as much as 600 calories an hour on this rowing machine. 

Pexmor Magnetic Rower weighs 48.5 pounds and measures 68.1 x 22.4 x 22.2 inches, has a conveniently foldable design and measures 46.5 x 27.5 x 22.4 inches as folded. You can simply tilt and roll it on its dual caster transportation wheels without needing to do any heavy lifting to take it to a convenient place for storage. It can carry up to 265lb total user weight on its robust steel frame and the rower itself feels strong, stable and durable and should last you many long years if not treated very badly.

Pexmor Magnetic Foldable Rower works smoothly with the solid flywheel, slide rail and 8-level magnetic resistance. The quiet operation is provided especially by the non-touching magnetic system. It comes with a cushioned seat with an ergonomic design to support your lower back and hips and offering you comfort especially during your long sessions. The large anti-slip textured pedals with thePEXMOR Magnetic Foldable Rowing Machine LCD Display adjustable straps will keep your feet in place and safe and you also have the non-slip handlebar. It comes with the floor stabilisers to keep it stable on different grounds during your workout session.

The small digital LCD display is easy to read and use, shows the calories burned, time exercised, distance traveled, count, total count, rpm and scan that shows each of these indicators one by one without you needing to press anything manually. You can monitor your workout progress and achieve your fitness goals faster. There is even a small device holder just below the LCD monitor where you can put your smartphone for watching workout or other videos, checking your social media and more. This is good for both entertainment and a little bit of distraction for your to burn more calories without getting bored. Overall we think that this is a good value compact foldable rower at a reasonable price.

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