ORBITREK Elite Elliptical Trainer by Thane USA Review

ORBITREK Elite Elliptical Trainer

ORBITREK Elite Elliptical Trainer Machine

ORBITREK Elite by Thane USA Inc is a compact and modern elliptical trainer, cardio fitness and workout equipment with a large motion range and an adjustable magnetic resistance for home gym use. In the package you’ll get the Orbitrek Elite Trainer, a multifunctional LCD display, a user manual and a mail order box.

Orbitrek Elite offers a great range of motion for activating both your lower body and upper body muscles with the ergonomic arm poles. It gets your chest, shoulders, back and arms involved with the alternation arm action as well as your legs. With an ergonomic design of nicely padded handles that offer a firm grip and the large, very wide textured anti-slip foot platforms that offer you comfort and safety by preventing the slipping of your feet. With an adjustable resistance for different levels of difficulty it can be used by people of different fitness levels and ages. You can change and control the resistance and intensity level with a single touch.

Orbitrek Elite Elliptical Trainer is compact with a vertical design and a small footprint and will not take up much space. You can relocate it easily on the built-in transportation wheels to store it in a convenient spot. It can be used for burning calories, losing weight and getting in shape with a very low impact workout that puts hardly any burden on your joints. It will tighten and firm your glutes and help you get the lean and toned legs. At the higher resistance levels you can strengthen and tone different muscles of your body including your thighs and buttocks while burning calories and fat. The on-board motivational monitor has the calories burned, distance traveled, current speed, step count and time exercised.

You can work out easily when you’re watching TV or listening to music and without disturbing the people in the house or your neighbors. With the two workouts in one- lower and upper body, as well as the core section you get a lot more muscles involved and get a better workout in the same or shorter amount of time. You can burn more than 800 calories per hour onORBITREK Elite Elliptical Trainer an elliptical trainer such as this Orbitrek Elite if you do it fast and/or at higher intensity. The average is more like 600 calories per hour at a normal pace.

You can feel safe and stable on its solid steel frame and good quality components and parts. It measures 59 x 21 x 33 inches and the total maximum user weight capacity is roughly 275 pounds according to the tests done by the manufacturer. The footprint is 6W x 18L inches and the stride length is 8.7 inches (21cm). For the ceiling height, please note that it will add roughly half a foot to your height when you stand on it. It is easy to assemble with the easy and clear instructions and simple tools included in the box. You can switch from elliptical trainer to stepper easily. It is a very recent release elliptical trainer that first appeared at Amazon.com listings on March 2, 2021.

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