NIMTO XXL Vibration Plate Whole Body Fitness Platform Review

NIMTO Vibration Plate Whole Body Fitness Platform

NIMTO Vibration Plate Exercise Machine

NIMTO Vibration Plate is an XXL size, solid and stable whole body workout machine or fitness platform for burning calories and fat, weight loss, toning muscles in the comfort of your home or wherever you want. It has 99 speed levels to choose from, comes with the Bluetooth feature and a remote control.

The average customer rating is 4.3 out of 5 stars by 16 users that bought and reviewed this modern vibration plate.  Nimto Vibration Platform weighs 26.5 pounds, has a total user weight capacity of 440 pounds, measures 32 x 19.3 x 7.5 inches and has a bigger area to use for your different exercises or vibrations. It is actually large enough to accommodate two people at once. Being made of solid ABS plastic and with a piano paint it is a rather durable fitness product.

To make you feel safer and more stable it comes with the anti-slip rubber suckers at the bottom to keep the device in place. It is quite a powerful vibration platform that runs quietly without disturbing you or people around you. With the 99 levels of strong vibrations it will help you burn calories and fat effectively on your leg muscles, waist section, abs, buttocks and upper body. It will help you enhance the collagen production in your body, increase your balance and flexibility. It is claimed to process fat much quicker than normal and some other forms of exercise with the very fast contractions.

We do not believe that ten minutes on this machine will be equal to an hour at the gym, as claimed by the manufacturers of the vibration platfroms. But we do think that it will be a nice additional help to the conventional workout. And if you don’t have a chance to go to a gym regularly, you can always use this vibration platform for some benefit, combined with a healthy eating plan and other forms of home workout. You can increase or decrease the speed by just clicking a button on the remote control or the LCD digital display.

You can select the program on this panel to get a similar effect to walking, jogging, running or yoga. It comes with the 3 preset modes and you can combine the vibrations with the sit-ups, push-ups, standing, front lying, leg raises, planks, stretches, sitting cross legged and more. And this way you will burn fat, lose weight, and shape different parts of your body.  NIMTO Vibration Plate 8 ModesWith the Bluetooth and USB connections you can hook it up to your smartphone or tablet and play music during your vibration session.

All you need to do is dedicate ten minutes of your time each day and see if you shall reap the claimed benefits. You can attach resistance bands that it comes with for being able to do more and on your whole body. You will at least feel relaxed and energized by 10 mins on this machine. It is a good quality, sturdy and durable product with a very large surface and plenty of power. We think that it is great value at the price level advertised. It comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and it is best that you read the user manual before use. And in case you have any problems or questions please feel free to contact their after-sale customer service.

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