Neptunegym Squat Machine Rower Rider Review

Neptunegym Squat Machine Rower Rider

Neptunegym Squat Machine

Neptunegym Squat Machine Rower Rider is a modern indoor whole body cardiovascular fitness equipment for glutes workout with hydraulic resistance and a small LCD display for use in the comfort of your home. February 3, 2022 is the date this number one new release squat rower rider was first available on and is currently ranked the 57th best selling rowing machine.

White Neptunegym Squat Rower Rider has an alloy steel frame, weighs 29 pounds and measures 43.7L x 17W x 36.6H inches. It has a heavy duty metal frame- a stable and weight bearing structure for a total user weight capacity of 250 pounds. The seat is conveniently adjustable to the front and back to offer you a comfortable position during your session. And the resistance of the hydraulic pump can be adjusted by the knob manually to 12 levels to left or right. The armrest is adjustable to 5 levels of height and the anti-slip textured pedals help with a safer workout. 

The squat trainer with the hydraulic cylinders will challenge you as you squat down and work on your quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes, as well as your chest, back and shoulders in each rep. You will not need to worry about squatting incorrectly and any potential burden on your joints or knees are reduced.  The small LCD-backlit display lets you monitor your workout progress by showing you the fitness data like the calories burned, time exercised and squat count. There is a single button that you press to turn it onNeptunegym Squat Machine Dimensions and hold to reset. You can fold it up easily and move it out of the way when you’re not training. It measures 59H x 7.9 x 20.5 inches as folded.

The maximum user weight capacity is 250 pounds and if you weigh more you need to be careful not to suffer an injury. You’ll get it shipped to your address via Fedex or UPS from the warehouse in California and you should be able to receive it within 5 business days. In the package you’ll find the squat rower machine and an English user manual. The assembly instructions are not the best but you should be able to assemble it within an hour or so. Neptunegym Squat Rower Rider is offered with a decent warranty of two years as well as a 60-day free return or exchange. You can contact the customer service team with any queries you may have. Overall it appears to be good value for money and we’re happy to recommend it.

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