N\C Recumbent Indoor Stationary Bike with Magnetic Resistance Review

N\C Recumbent Stationary Indoor Bike

N-C Recumbent Exercise Bike

N\C Recumbent Stationary Bike is a budget priced indoor cardiovascular fitness equipment with high inertia magnetic resistance drive system, 9lb. flywheel, a height adjustable seat with a large backrest, LCD-backlit monitor and tablet holder.

Black N/C Recumbent Bike weighs 65 pounds and measures 45.7L x 18.9W x 41.7H inches. It has a robust and durable frame that can hold a total user weight capacity of 300 pounds. You can adjust the 8 levels of magnetic resistance through the tension dial for different levels of difficulty that you can handle. You’ll have a smooth and quiet ride with the 9-pound flywheel and high inertia magnetic drive system at all times without disturbing yourself, family or people in the house or neighbors.

The inseam height can be adjusted between 23 and 31.5 inches and people between 4’8″ and 6’5″ can use it comfortably. The recumbent bike  has an ergonomic design with a nicely padded seat and backrest with a very dense foam to offer you comfortable workout sessions. The seat is easily adjusted with the adjustable lever to move it back or lean forward quickly and easily. And users with the different sizes and heights can use it comfortably. It doesn’t have a folding design but comes with the transport wheels to be moved around easily in your house. You can get it our of your way after you’ve finished your daily session.

The anti-slip textured pedals have the adjustable straps to keep your feet in place and safe even during your tough workout sessions. The padded handles with the vinyl foam offer a nice grip for you to have a nice workout. You have the pulse sensors on the side handles that are connected to the LCD display that shows you your heart rate as well as the standard workout data of calories burned, distance traveled,N-C Recumbent Stationary Indoor Bike  current speed and time exercised, count, total count, reps/min, BMP and Scan. You can stay in your target heart rate zone as the longer and steadier your elevated pulse rate is, the more calories and fat you shall be burning.

You can put your iPad or smartphone on the tablet holder for a bit of distraction with the entertainment during your session. The lowest levels of resistance, 1 and 2 are for a gentle workout and to enhance your blood circulation, levels 3 to 5 are for an aerobic workout that will help enhance your cardiopulmonary function and the highest levels between 6 and 8 are for intense resistance type workout to tone your muscles. It has the stabilizers underneath to keep it stable and balanced. Please keep your fingers away from the moving parts during the operation to avoid any potential injuries. With the magnetic resistance and belt drive mechanism it doesn’t require any maintenance- almost none. This modern recumbent bike was first available at Amazon.com on June 28, 2021.

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