MYX Fitness / MYX Plus Connected Bike Home Fitness Studio with Weights Review

MYX Fitness / MYX Plus Connected Bike Home Fitness Studio

MYX Fitness MYX Plus Connected Fitness Studio

MYX Fitness Plus Connected Bike is a home fitness studio of a premium bike, weights and workout mat.  You can get the MYX Plus Connected Bike with the light, medium or heavy weights or just the MYX Bike. It was first available at on May 2, 2021 and There is a single 5-star rating at the moment.

You have two color options of black or white with the same price tag at the time of this review. In the package you’ll find the MYX Connected Bike with the 21.5-inch interactive touch display, pulse rate monitor, a kettlebell and dumbbells without the weight rack, 24″ EVA foam roller, a large workout mat of 48 x 72 inches and an elastic resistance band. Medium weight set is of 7-pieces with the 6, 9, 12 lb. dumbbells and 20 lb. kettlebell, heavy weight set comes with the 9, 12, 15 lb. dumbbells and a 25 lb. kettlebell.

Free shipping and assembly are included with your purchase of this modern bike. This is a total of 250 dollars in value and the delivery of the bike is in less than two weeks. MYX Connected Bike is offered with a year of warranty and protection if anything happens to it. This includes a 30-day return and money back guarantee if you’re not totally satisfied. With your MYX membership which is like 29 dollars a month, you can access the on-demand workouts for weight lifting, floor exercises and recovery by swiveling the display. So it is a bit more than regular cardio workout. With this membership you have access to limitless content with new workouts added every week and you can pick the one that is right for your fitness level.

You can achieve your workout goals with their Smart MYX AI engine offering you suggestions. The trainers will help you stay motivated and engaged. You can follow the your customized MYX heart rate zones easily and adjusting the efforts. You can make progress in your workout journey and achieve and maintain overall health- body and mind by the help of the programs. MYX Connected Bike measures 54L x 21W x 47H inches, the height can be adjusted between 4.11 feet and 6.8 feet and the total user weight capacity is 350 pounds. It is very sturdy and durable, hypoallergenic and rust proof. This is a professional grade bike with a premium look and feel and that is built with great quality components and is well suitable for use in commercial gyms by tens of people every day.

MYX Fitness MYX Plus Connected

Please note that you can view only the content by MYX on the 21.5-inch touch display with your subscription and is locked for the third party applications. You have access to the workouts that last between 10 minutes and an hour, both on the bike or other workouts off the bike. Entertainment is also available for viewing, which includes the news with MYX partnership with Newsy and you also have the scenic rides. The rides on this bike can be both fun and quite challenging with the really motivating and knowledgeable instructors. With the workout durations between 5 and 60 minutes you can easily get a workout even after a very busy and tiring day at work. Even when you’re not in the mood for riding the bike you can just do an easy class. And it is nice to have such a variety of workout classes too.

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