MVPower Whole Body Vibration Plate w/ 120 Speeds Review

MVPower Whole Body Vibration Plate

MVPower Whole Body Vibration Plate

MVPower Whole Body Vibration Plate is an exercise machine with a powerful motor and 120 speed levels, Bluetooth feature, wireless sound, LCD display panel and remote control. It comes with the two resistance bands that you see in the photos to help you work on your upper body as well. It is one of the best selling hot new release vibration platforms and has an average customer rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars by 141 users at the time of this product review.

White and green MVPower Whole Body Vibration Platform has a sturdy and durable construction, can carry a maximum total user weight of 330 pounds and measures 60 x 36 x 13cm. With the compact and portable design you can lift 23.62 x 14.17 x 5.12 inches and move it around easily to use it wherever you want. It offers a passive form of exercise by contracting your muscles very quickly, at the speeds or intensities (120 levels) you choose. You can burn calories and fat by daily regular use and will work even better as an addition to a regular workout- cardiovascular and resistance training.

You have the On/Off and Set buttons on the red-backlit display panel to adjust the time and speed depending on your needs at the time. You’ll find the same functions on the remote control or hook up your phone to it with the Bluetooth functionality and change the speed etc. without changing your posture during your workout. You can also listen to music via Bluetooth and get motivated or feel more relaxed. With the gentle therapeutic vibrations, tjhe muscle tissues in your body will get stimulated, muscle tone restored, metabolism increased, blood circulation improved, myofascial release triggered and bone density improved and your overall physical function will get better.

With the solid handles and the highly elastic resistance bands you can perform different exercises and target different parts of your body more efficiently. And after a hard workout session you can lay your calves on the platform and feel relaxed. This modern vibration platform works as it should. Despite having a powerful motor it works quietly and you’ll hardly hear anything when it is working. The mvpower whole body vibration platformposition of your legs on the patform will determine whether you’re walking, jogging or running. If you keep your legs together in the middle it is like walking, a little apart is like jogging and if you keep them wide apart it is like running.

We recommend that you use this platform regularly to get results and for better and quicker results you may want to do other forms of exercise as well as following a healthy diet plan. Price performance ratio is very good for this modern vibration plate, for its contemporary design, solid build, quiet and efficient operation, flexibility and ease of use. You will actually feel your muscles getting sore or at least warmer on this one after a while with the demanding exercises you can do, which means it is working. Your body will start getting firmer than before if you dedicate just 10-15 minutes a day. It comes with a warranty of two years and a quality assurance by the manufacturer and you can email their customer service in case of any questions.

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