MRNIU 2-Person Far Infrared Hemlock Wood Sauna Review

MRNIU 2-Person FIR Hemlock Wood Sauna

MRNIU Steam Sauna Indoor Sauna 2-Person

MRNIU 2-Person FIR Hemlock Wood Sauna is designed for home use with a premium design and functions, Far Infrared rays and 8 carbon heaters all around you for a great uniform heating. The trapezodial design helps offer you more space for one or two people to sit down and relax comfortably.

It is made of great quality pure natural wood that makes it very robust and durable. You’ll feel an even stream of nice and comforting air from the 8 carbon heaters that are strategically located inside the sauna as you can see in the photos. It has the bronze tinted tempered glass for your safety when you’re relaxing inside and you have the roof vents that are adjustable and an air purifier for you to breathe comfortably.

MRNIU 2-Person FIR Hemlock Wood Sauna has the built-in security functions like auto power off incase of overheating. It comes with Bluetooth function, two speakers, a USB port and an auxiliary connection for your smartphones. You’re getting an integrated sound system on this sauna that offers very clear sound if you want to listen to relaxing meditation or other music during your sauna session. You can have a nice, warm, calming and peaceful experience in this sauna every day or whenever you want and you will have a good distance between you and the 8 heaters.

It will help loosen your muscles, ease any joint pain and rejuvenate your whole body by warming your core temperature by the heat you get from the 8 carbon heaters consistently. With more sweating, harmful toxins are removed out of your body. This sauna is compact and has a space saving design but can have two people inside easily and comfortably. It is well insulated by the solid wood doors and the heat is kept in. You can fit it easily in your bedroom, basement, garage, mainMRNIU Steam Sauna Indoor Sauna 2-Person Infrared bathroom or wherever you want in your house. And you can reap the benefits of a traditional sauna in the comfort of your home.

It is made of robust hemlock that is anti-corrosion and quite durable for a long life and the original wood smell is kept inside. It was produced by the supervision of an experienced carpenter, with fine grinding and each part nicely polished and great quality, solid and durable wood is used in the production. It is easy to set up by two people by following the instructions and using the tools within just half an hour or an hour as long as you don’t get the order of installation wrong. You install the front door first, then the two small side doors at the front, side doors, bottom heating plate, front heating plate, rear plate, install the top section and connect the power cord and then the other accessories as per the instructions manual.

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