MKHS 2.25HP Folding Home Treadmill with 3 Incline Levels Review

MKHS 2.25HP Folding Home Treadmill

MKHS Treadmills for Home, Folding Treadmill

MKHS Treadmill is a foldable cardio fitness equipment with a sleek and modern design, 3 manual inclines, shock absorbing surface, 2.25 horsepower motor for walking, jogging or running at up to 7.5mph speed in the comfort of your home. It first became available on November 8, 2021, has a decent average user rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars by 8 customers and is listed in the top 100 best selling treadmills at the time of this post release. 

Black MKHS Treadmill has a total user weight capacity of 220 pounds or 100kg  on its alloy steel frame and measures 20L x 43W x 47.2H inches. It is great for use in apartments, houses, office or wherever you wish to use as long as indoors. As a a unisex adult model, women and men at different fitness levels and ages can use it comfortably. It is shipped 95% assembled and the rest is easy to do within 15 minutes or so by using the tools and the instructions provided as you just need to tighten a few screws. Please note that you need to put the safety key in its place to start the treadmill. 

And with a conveniently foldable design it is relatively easy and not strenuous to move around on its transport wheels. You can just roll it out for storage in a convenient spot in another room once you’re done with your daily workout routine. The minimum speed is 0.6mph and the maximum speed is 7.5mph. The tread belt measures 40L x 15.8W inches. When you have a treadmill nearby in your home gym or living room you will not need to deal with getting to gym all the time, if you’re not a weight lifter. You can use it whenever you want, burn calories, lose weight and even strengthen and tone your leg muscles and abdominals.

The digital LCD-backlit monitor shows the regular indicators of time exercised, calories burned, current speed, distance traveled and pulse rate through the handle sensors. You can track your workout progress by viewing your workout stats and stay in your target heart rate zone to burn calories better with the precise heart rate reading through the sensors on the handlebars. There is a water bottle holder next to the LCD display and aMKHS Folding Home Treadmill tablet stand just above it for you to put your smartphone or tablet for multitasking during your session. You can watch training or other videos or listen to music to keep you entertained and distracted to help you exercise longer and burn more calories.  

The 2.25HP high performance motor is powerful and quiet at the same time and you can jog and run comfortably without disturbing people in the house or your neighbours. It is a good quality, reliable, sturdy, tough and durable treadmill with high level of strength, a powerful motor and an anti-slip textured tread belt with multiple layers that offer decent shock absorption and support to your joints, knees, ankles, lower back or hips. There will not likely to be deformation, bending, shaking and it is resistant to cold or abrasion. You get a warranty that covers the replacement of parts free of charge for a year and a lifetime customer service that will be happy to assist you with your queries. In the package you’ll find the foldable treadmill, a safe key and a user manual. 

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