Merach Q1 Electric Magnetic Rower Machine with Dual Slide Rail Review

Merach Q1 Electric Magnetic Rower Machine

Merach Electric Magnetic Rower Machine

Merach Q1 is a robust and durable electric magnetic rower with a premium look and feel, 16 levels of electromagnetic resistance, customised flywheel and the dual slide rail for use in home gyms. January 7, 2022 is the date it was first available at and is ranked the 45th best selling rowing machine. 

Black Merach Q1 has a 350-pounds total weight capacity on its alloy steel frame and measures 68.1L x 19.3W x 24.8H inches. The double track is 46.1 inches long for a stable and smooth operation.  The maximum tension is specified as 55 pounds on this rower and with the electromagnetic resistance this professional rower works quietly and smoothly with less friction that is more precise than the conventional friction units. 

It comes with the aluminium alloy double slide rails without the bad noise of the pulley friction of seat and they are more durable and much less likely to break than the regular rails. You can link this Merach Rower with the Kinomap app for saving your data automatically, including the distance traveled, time exercised, calories burned and more. You can adjust the angle of the device holder at the front and put your smartphone or tablet for viewing your data comfortably during your rowing session. 

The rotatable pedals on this ergonomic rower will decrease the chance of ankle damage.The molded seat with a slight curve has the soft, thick and breathable cushion for your comfort over long term use and the customised anti-slip silicon handle offers a solid and comfortableMerach Electric Magnetic Rower grip. You can switch data through a single button that you can use for adjusting the resistance level on the unique digital display of the flywheel that shows your calories, distance, time and frequency. 

You can work out in the comfort of your home without worrying about the time of the day or how the weather is outside. It can help you burn calories and fat efficiently and strengthen and tone muscles. Rowing exercise gets around 80-85% of the muscles on your body involved, including your legs, hips, core section, arms, shoulders and back. You can move this rower easily on its built-in transport wheels without needing any help and store it easily in a convenient spot. It will take up 1.6 x 5.7 feet of space when in use and 1.6 x 2.1 feet for storage. 

The wide foot plates have the safety straps and you can adjust the length of these pedals. The polyethylene fiber resistance belt on the Q1 Rower is very strong (15 times more than steel) and able to withstand the high tensile force. The seat is built higher than the pedal straps as part of the kinematics design. The warranty offered is one year by the manufacturer and you can contact the customer service team with any quality or other issues. Merach is a decent brand of high end indoor fitness equipment with an innovative design and a few of their products actually won the Red Dot Design Reward. Overall it is a great quality product with a premium look and feel and we’re happy to recommend it.

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