Maxxus GraciaMaxxus Gracia 1-2-Person Low EMF (Under 8MG) FAR Infrared Sauna Review

Maxxus Gracia 1-2-Person Low EMF  FIR Sauna

Maxxus Gracia 1-2-Person Low EMF

Maxxus Gracia is a 2021 model, brand new release Far Infrared sauna by Dynamic Saunas (Golden Designs Inc) with a 1 to 2- person capacity and low EMF that is below 8mg. It has a very robust and durable construction, being made of the Canadian Hemlock wood that is reforested naturally.

With the overall external dimensions of 39W x 36D x 75H inches and the internal dimensions of 35W x 32D x 68H inches, it is normally designed for one large person’s use very comfortably and will be fine for two slim people too. So you will not really feel uncomfortable if you want to relax with your partner or a friend. The maximum interior temperature is 136 to 142 degrees Fahrenheit and the optimal recommended temperature is between 118 and 135 degrees Fahrenheit.

There are 7 infrared carbon low EMF heating panels that are power efficient and friendly to the environment. Please note that the EMF is between 6 and 10mg with 6 to 8 inches distance from the heating panels. So this is a very good quality sauna with the reforested Canadian Hemlock planks that are above the industry standards and that keep the heat inside better with great insulation. It heats up very quickly, maintains the heat and uses less electricity than normal during this heating process.

Maxxus Gracia 1-2-Person Low EMF FIR Sauna

Please note that the interior is just like in the photos and the sauna does not include a backrest. This Canadian Hemlock FIR sauna weighs 255 pounds and the shipping weight is 305 pounds. It is easy to assemble this sauna without using any tools and you put it together with the latches and the inner locks (clasp together assembly). With 120V of voltage and 15amperes you can plug it into standard US outlets.

Maxxus Gracia comes with a music system with Bluetooth and a dynamic speaker with pre-amp that sounds very nice, for you to listen to relaxing music during your steam sauna session. There is a LED-backlit control panel inside with the Timer and Temperature displays with the Up and Down arrows for each one and Power and Heat light indicators. It has a tempered glass door, chromotherapy lighting system/interior reading and roof vent. Please note that this item will be delivered curbside on a pallet by one of the freight carriers and not into your house, you need to make the arrangements yourself for that unless stated otherwise by Amazon or the seller at the time of purchase. It is a pricey sauna but you really are getting what you pay for.

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