MAXFITONE 2.5HP Folding Electric Treadmill, C0002-1 Review

MAXFITONE 2.5HP Folding Electric Treadmill

MAXFITONE Folding Electric Treadmill

MAXFITONE Folding Electric Treadmill is a 2.5HP electric motorised portable walking, jogging cardiovascular machine with an LCD-backlit display, pulse rate sensor, device holder and shock absorbing multi-layer tread belt for walking, jogging and running in the comfort of your home gym or office.

There aren’t many customer reviews or ratings online for this hot new release foldable treadmill that is ranked as the 62nd best selling treadmill and that first became available on November 15, 2021 on Blue Maxfitone Folding Electric Treadmill weighs 59 pounds and measures 7.5L x 50W x 22H inches. The total user weight it can carry is 220 pounds or 100kg on its alloy steel frame and the materials used are alloy steel and solid ABS plastic.

This modern foldable treadmill has the large tread belt that measures 43 x 15 inches. With a 2.5 horsepower durable, powerful and quiet motor you can walk, jog or run at the speeds of up to 6mph. It has a higher lifespan than the motors on the other regular treadmills. The high quality textured anti-slip belt with multiple layers with the shock and noise reduction offers you a low impact workout that will not burden your ankles, knees, hips or lower back. And you can jog or run comfortably quietly, without getting disturbed by the noise or disturbing people in your house or the neighbors.

Your legs get a soft and comfortable landing surface on this 5-layer very dense lawn texture belt. The vibrations generated during your intense workouts are reduced by the foot pads and rubber columns. This treadmill has a stabilising design and the connecting rod is prevented from any potential wobbling or shaking during your workout session. There is a small incline as you can see in the product photos but not a manually or automatically adjustable incline. You do not need to assemble anything and you can basically take it out of its package, unfold it and tighten the screws and start using it.

The multifunctional LED-backlit display shows you the standard workout indicators of distance traveled, calories burned, time exercised, current speed and heart rate via the pulse sensors on the handles at the front. It has the 12 preset programs to choose from, which are different exercise programs for improving your health, burning calories and fat or improving your cardiovascular health. You can put your handsMAXFITONE. Folding Electric Treadmill LCD Display on the pulse sensors on the handlebars and you’ll get an accurate heart rate reading pretty quickly on the display. There is a fixed water bottle holder on the right hand side to let you stay hydrated without having to dismount the treadmill.

You can check your social media or watch workout videos on your tablet or smartphone that you put on the device holder provided. You can actually burn more calories and fat by jogging or running longer by getting distracted by the videos and music. The folded dimensions are 50 x 7.5 inches and it comes with the built-in transportation wheels that let you relocate it easily for being stored in a convenient spot till you use it next time. With the 110V of voltage and 60-60Hz of rated frequency you can plug this 2.5HP treadmill into any standard US power outlets. Please note that it doesn’t come with a remote control as it is not designed as a 2-in-1 under desk treadmill and is controlled through the LED-backlit control panel.

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